How Can I Automatically Download New VLC Through Update Manager?

Asked by taurus on 2008-09-17

I read that the latest VLC is now out. I checked my update manager for the new version and didn't get a response. How do I enable VLC in my sources list so that new versions can be downloaded automatically?


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Simon Jenkinson (sjenks) said : #1

You need to check that a "multiverse" mirror is listed in your /etc/apt/sources.list.

Then open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-esd mozilla-plugin-vlc

if the multiverse mirror is not enabled then you need to enable it and run

sudo apt-get update
then run
sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-esd mozilla-plugin-vlc

Simon Jenkinson (sjenks) said : #2

if you need to check out for dealing with adding of respositories

taurus (taurusxz) said : #3

Simon, what exactly do I enter as a mirror in my sources.list concerning vlc?

Drew Feragen (drewferagen) said : #4

VLC only gets added to the official repository after it gets tested, so it can take a while for them to show up in update manager.

If you desire the most up to date versions of some programs, you will invariably need to add a third party repository.

btw, I am assuming you wish to get your hands on VLC 0.9+, if that is the case then there is a very good writeup at

Basically, you just have to add an entry in the "Third Party Software" tab, and use

deb hardy main

as the APT Line. Then you just need to close out of the repositories list, hit Reload, and the newest vlc should be available.

Drew Feragen (drewferagen) said : #5

Oh yeah, I forgot. I just tried upgrading to vlc and the vlc-nox package caused a minor conflict.

If you follow that guide (which I foolishly didn't) it has the instructions to remove vlc and then reinstall it when the new update is available.

sudo apt-get remove vlc
sudo apt-get install vlc

taurus (taurusxz) said : #6

Hi, drew, thanks for the reply. I got 2 questions for you:

1) So, this vlc isn't the offically new vlc? It's just beta?

2) What is vlc-nox? What does it do?

3) Since I got the old vlc, is there a way to configure it to allow drag and drop of movies into the window?

Drew Feragen (drewferagen) said : #7

1) This is the latest release of VLC, not a beta. It is just not an official Ubuntu package. What has happened is that it is almost time for 8.10 to release and this package didn't get released soon enough to get included. It will probably be available fairly soon after 8.10 is released. What has happened is that a fellow user has taken the latest source, compiled it for Ubuntu, and packaged it so that we can install it without any hassle.

2) from the package info: "This package contains a version of VLC that does not require X and that is thus suitable for headless servers." Basically it is a VLC for streaming video to other computers without having to have a graphical desktop. I don't need it or use it, but it gets installed with the vlc package, so that's why it's important.

3) It should support drag and drop (or at least mine did), assuming you are using Gnome, open the file browser to a location with video files. Open up vlc near it, drag-drop and it should load up the file. You just have to be sure to drag it into the main part of the window, because if you hit the window title bar, it doesn't want to work.

taurus (taurusxz) said : #8

Understood, Drew. I think I'll wait for 8.10 to be released first. Then, the new version of vlc will be made available then. Thanks alot dude!