Which vlc version is *secure* ?

Asked by 164747 on 2008-07-23


considering bugs such as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/vlc/+bug/238873 . Is it safe to use vlc? I sometimes get strange crashes with vlc looking at downloaded files from untrusted sources. At one time I got a crash that permanently removed sound from the system with complete re-install as only left option.

Regarding vlc 0.8.6e and "specially crafted media that completely or partially overtakes my system upon opening". Which is true:

a) This is only a theorethical idea, they __could__ exist but in practise it is totally unrealistic
b) It would (mabye after some effort) straight forward for a skilled vlc-knowing-person to construct such a media.
c) There are existing such medias.

If b) or c), should I regard any computer that I have used vlc on unknown-source-media as completely in the hand of a hacker (hence all passwords/info that has passed through this computer should also be considered to be in the hands of the hacker). If NO, why not.

How about other versions of vlc.

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*if vlc cannot be used to view untrusted media, its usability drops by 99%.
*Is this not this like a dream opportunity for copyright protectors, upload
 infected medias on the internet and gain complete (or at least user level)
 control of every computer that is used to open the media.

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Michael Nagel (nailor) said : #1

i'd say the newer the version the better. you'll never get 100% security, but this is true for every single program out there. right now i would not consider it insecure to use vlc. you can use mplayer, gstreamer/totem, ... but they have/had/will have their problems, too.

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