Dvd player and video play back problems

Asked by davidzaq1 on 2012-07-15

Hello, and thanks for reading.

I am having a couple of issues I cannot seem to fix. I am new to Ubuntu and do not have much knowledge how this works but am trying to learn.
I have Ubuntu 12.04 and have it installed on my laptop. I had 10.4 which worked great and just updated to the new version.
First problem, my dvd player won't load videos in Movie Player. I put the disk in, select Movie Player to play video, Movie Player opens but disk won't load.

Second problem VLC will play the disk but the colors are inverted. I have learned how to fix this problem in Movie player by going to edit and select properties, and move the Hue slider, I think, from the middle setting to either all the way forward or back to 0 and it makes the colors normal. But I cannot find this setting in VLC.

Also, when the movie in VLC or a movie I have saved plays, the video is choppy or freezes for a few seconds and then catches up with the sound. I am not sure how or what to do to fix this.

If anyone has an idea how to fix these things, I would be grateful.

Thank you.

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sudo apt-get install --reinstall libdvdread4
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh
sudo apt-get upgrade

Should sort the DVD playback issue

David (david3a9x-c) said : #2

Thank you for the response to my question but I am still having problems. Your information did not produce any results. I followed the commands but the results were: 0 upgraded, 0 installed, 0 upgraded. The problem with the video playback still exists.

I cannot play a dvd in my dvd drive for movie player. For some reason, movie player wont load the dvd I put in the player. Vlc will load the disk I put in the dvd player so obviously the dvd player is working. But the video play back on the computer is choppy, it freezes or hesitates during play back. In vlc, the video play back is choppy and the colors are inverted.

I have some movies saved on the computer. Sometimes the movie will play fine, other times the film hesitates during play back or is choppy or just freezes during play back for a second or two and then catches up with the sound. I had no problems with the Ubuntu 10.04 version but I can't seem to fix this in this version.

Any help would be appreciated

davidzaq1 (david3a9x) said : #3

Everything is working great, Thank you !!!!