how do I install mac OSx snow leopard on Virtual Machine

Asked by Nathaniel edwards on 2011-09-30

I have the installation Cd and wanted to know how I install the OS on virtual machine so I can run Itunes and stream movies on Netflix?

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I'd firstly check the license for Snow Leopard is ok in virtual systems. You can mount the CD in Ubuntu and tell virtalbox to use it and install there with ease.

Seems like a lot of effort. iTunes does work with some versions of Wine. When you run the virtualbox you will be running BOTH OSes at the same time. This is a massive bloat and if your system isn't great, it will run a little slower when the apps are running, it may even affect the speed netflix can output video.

If these 2 apps are the main things the system is used for then you could dual boot to get a smoother OS (again, check licensing of Snow Leopard) or just use Snow Leopard on it's own.

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #2

how do I dual boot and install the Mac OS I dont want to lose my Ubuntu 11.04 OS

marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #3

mac OS looks for specific hardware before it will install. if you don't have the requirements, it won't install. if you want to watch netflix and itunes, it's better to install windoze, if you have it available.

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #4

I dont see any disclaimers or copyright licenses

And I asked the apple reps they said it didnt violate EULA if I purchase it and install it on a pc
they said they get people all the time installing the Mac OS on PC and its not a problem long as I dont try to copy and pirate the software

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #5

No windoze I am not putting that crap on my computer how do i get thespecific hardware to install the OS

You could resize your Ubuntu partition in Ubuntu Live CD and see if it installs to the freed space. You may need to use Windows if the installer is not playing nice. You can always return the software as you have not used the license :)

delance (olivier-delance) said : #7

In theory, installation in a Virtual PC will be the same as in a true PC.
For Linux, XP and Seven, there is no differences. As virtual PC emulates hardware, an OS can no detecting it works on a virtual one (except that some emulated hardware, as graphic card, is specific to virtual PC).
This question is not on Ubuntu, but more on Virtual Box ( ) and Mac OS. The guest is not supposed to know that host machine is under Linux, Windows or MacOS (except if you install Guest Additions).
About performances, I didn't notice big trouble. Most of works is done by processor (including RAM access and instructions). The virtual machine will mainly intercept system call to emulate devices/

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