How can I find an external hardware device plugged in to my computer?

Asked by ernest on 2011-05-19

I have a USB Hub - it has a mouse; printer; scanner all plugged in, and they work - but I now plugged in a MAJICJACK to it and it isn't loading.
The light on the MAJICJACK comes on - but I can't even find out how to check my hub.
With XP , I would go to MY COMPUTER and all of the devices would be there - with UBUNTU , I can't figure it out.
Any suggestions?

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wojox (wojox) said : #1

MAJICJACK does not work in Linux.
You would have to run a Virtualbox with XP or higher.

ernest (ec1955) said : #2

That looks cool , unfortunately when I downloaded the package for Ubuntu 11 Natty - It said 'wrong architecture AMD 64.

I do have an older machine built in 03.
Do I need to use an 'Older Build' package?
Also, do I need to download both packages - i386 and AMD?
WEll it looks like I can't do AMD 64 -
Any ideas that might work here?
Thanks again!!

peter b (b1pete) said : #3

ubuntu has RELEASES/DISTRIBUTIONS for various CPU architectures ie intel32 ,64 etc., etc. obviously the packages for each architecture is different, they can not be mixed.

you'd have to know your pc CPU architecture and either use the live CD or install to hd the ubuntu release for that specific architecture.

delance (olivier-delance) said : #4

If your PC is to old, you wil have to use 32 bits release, named i386 (and which works with all 32bits CPU: Intel, AMD, VIA). So download only i386 version. Before installing, you can boot on CD, and choose "Try" instead of "Install" and so check Ubuntu management of hardware before installing it.

ernest (ec1955) said : #5

Man, this is really difficult to navigate around Ubuntu!
Alright, I did the 1386 thing - but when it asks for how to boot - I am trying to locate my ISO image - where can I find that?
Or, how can I burn the file to a disk?

peter b (b1pete) said : #6

Ernest, ubuntu is a free os and, it is even served to those interested on a 'silver platter' so to speak. here below is an url that tells one ALL that is needed to get it and how to go about it taking in account any conceivable user desire and/or need. here's the url

pls read it - it is very user friendly - it addresses ALL steps required to either use ubuntu without any changes to your pc setup or have it installed to a HD on your pc.

now, pls tell us what would you like to be helped with that is not addressed on the url .

ernest (ec1955) said : #7

Peter, I think you misunderstand me and did not read previous post - I am talking about how can I find my ISO image for Virtualbox - I DOWNLOADED- EXTRACTED - and RAN - VIRTUALBOX - but when I get to the menu item to RUN XP - during BOOT UP - It asks for the CD (which I don't have - 1) because I can't find out where the image is stored, 2)because I was trying to just RUN the app as it says you can do ) When I click on the tab -(during boot up) - I try to navigate where the ISO IMAGE is stored - btu I don't know where that would be - this is what I'm trying to do -
I hope my question is clear.

ernest you need to install win on virtualbox and you must have the install cd...

peter b (b1pete) said : #9

ernest, BEFORE I go any further (issue any further reply) I personally must know

- first off - pls tell us what os (win, linux ubuntu etc) are you using to boot your pc; so far on ALL your posts I could not find it. do you have a dual boot win-ubuntu setup ? OR you have JUST win installed ? or you have JUST ubuntu installed ?

- second off, I hope you're familiar with HOST and GUEST terms in virtuabox setup; is win the HOST of virtualbox ? or is ubuntu the HOST ?

just for your info, if you have ubuntu the HOST of virtualbox then we'll help you; conversely, if win is the HOST then pls look for help on win support sites. this site is dedicated to support and offer advice ONLY for ubuntu linux.

ernest (ec1955) said : #10

Peter, I did state in Message#2 that I was using Ubuntu 11- Natty
I am just using Ubuntu, ergo, I presume that UBUNTU is the host.

All I am trying to find out is, where in my 'files' is the ISO i386 image?
 In VB is says that you don't have to have a disk (which I don't) - and that you need one if you navigate to where the 'IMAGE' is located - I don't know where that is -

To find all .iso files in your homedir and subdirs open a terminal and type:

find . | grep -i .iso

delance (olivier-delance) said : #12

find . -name "*.iso"

peter b (b1pete) said : #13

on your #1 post you said ....'I have a USB Hub - it has a mouse; printer; scanner all plugged in, and they work'.... and ....'With XP , I would go to MY COMPUTER and all of the devices would be there - with UBUNTU , I can't figure it out.'..... which tells me that you HAVE xp installed and it sees all ..... devices connected.

after you've been told on #1 that linux DOES NOT support majikjack AND it was recommended ....'You would have to run a Virtualbox with XP or higher.'..... IT WAS VERY CLEAR from the recommendation that YOU WOULD/MUST HAVE to install linux AND RUN virtualbox IN linux THAT will be the HOST and XP as GUEST.

then your #2 post, sorry ernest, states ONLY a BOTCHED action of yours re natty download that, as you said, was missed because you apparently downloaded an .iso file not fit for your architecture.

in #3 and #4 it was explained to you and given advise re getting ubuntu installed

on #5 you 'moaned' about ...'Man, this is really difficult to navigate around Ubuntu!'...

#6 again told you basically how to install ubuntu with ....'now, pls tell us what would you like to be helped with that is not addressed on the url .'..... in closing

#7 you tell us that ...'to RUN XP - during BOOT UP - It asks for the CD (which I don't have -'..... ; #8 AGAIN told you v CLEARLY that you have to install xp in virtualbox and you MUST have xp CD

after another round of explanations on #9 you came back and tell us the following ....'I presume that UBUNTU is the host.
All I am trying to find out is, where in my 'files' is the ISO i386 image?'.....

so, let's try to put the whole thread in perspective taking into account the current situation

- ernest - you've been told REPEATEDLY (#2 #9) that YOU NEED/MUST HAVE xp CD in order to have xp WORKING AS A GUEST in virtualbox UNDER ubuntu HOST.

question please - WHY do you stubbornly ask us about, again and again (#5 #10), ...'All I am trying to find out is, where in my 'files' is the ISO i386 image?'.... ??? isn't 'you must have xp CD' clear enough for you ?

if you want to use virtualbox package under ubuntu I would recommend, BEFORE trying to use it to become FULLY conversant with its inner workings/concepts ie what's a virtual machine under ubuntu, what can and can not do, how to set it up etc etc. ubuntu has very clear and instructing url's that explain all these issues, they are listed below, please read and try to apply them. IF you have any problems re their contents pls ask, we'll try to help you

ernest (ec1955) said : #14

Well guys, this isn't working.
I assume that when you say 'terminal' you are speaking of 'SEARCH BOX'?
If so, I tried that - typed in what you said - I couldn't get anything.
I went to my HOME FOLDER - found VB XP - tried to do something with it - nada!
As I said, navigating this Linux stuff is very difficult.

Everything is set up so much different in Windows.
AS much as I don't care for MICROSOFT - their OS seems much easier to work with.

Oh well, thanks for your help

When you install a new operative system you need to read something about it... please read some of the manual

or you are going to waste your time...

delance (olivier-delance) said : #16

To get a terminal, type Ctrl+Alt+T.

peter b (b1pete) said : #17

ernest, just a humble opinion - acquiring and installing a new os (ubuntu in this case) is like acquiring FOR FREE a new TOP of the line car; is still has 4 wheels and a steering wheel BUT the way the car functions is v different. one MUST learn the do and dont's so to speak BEFORE taking it out for a SAFE drive and only at low speeds. if you want to MASTER the car (or the ubuntu os in this case) you MUST, mandatory, spend some time learning and listening what other people's experiences are from various authorized sources.

each os has CERTAIN WAYS of doing things that must be fully understood before 'taking the plunge' in deeper waters (virtualbox is one of those waters). in your case, trying to use and make work virtualbox under a free os in this case ubuntu, first of all the v basic concept of virtual machine NO DOUBT MUST BE MASTERED doesn't matter whether win or ubuntu is HOST or GUEST. secondly, one must understand what's the difference between a 'for pay' os and a free os. you made it v v hard on yourself by, sorry to say it, not making the effort needed to meet the 2 basic conditions described.

I can tell you that I gave up on win more than 10 yrs ago and I'm v v happy I did it. switching from win to ubuntu requires full commitment to linux way of doing things and that requires, like everything in life, personal effort that for sure will be paid back in satisfaction of a thing well done through YOU OWN EFFORTS.

it is up to you what path you want to follow - the easy comfy path of for pay viruses and all others that for sure you're aware of or the elegant sure and free path that needs a commitment and a little effort to learn new ways of doing things.

ernest (ec1955) said : #18

I understand what you you are saying Peter, trust me, I have ventured into many things in my life - and I know there is a 'learning curve' - I also know others who are more computer savvy than I that had to 'learn' the Linux way.

Just as with Mac so I am told.

BUT..........I am intelligent to read and UNDERSTAND simple instructions!
As those VB provide, but it doesn't work out the way they said it would.
NOW... As for Linux - I originally wanted to get UNITY....BECAUSE, they said they wanted to lure Windows users over to LINUX....but because my system was too 'old' , it booted be over to UBUNTU CLASSIC.

Now, I watched a 45 min. video review of UNITY, by some guys, at a LINUX presentation I think it was.

Now these are LINUX GUYS!!!
So, it is unfair to chide me, when LInux people do not like the way some LINUX OS are set up.

I know this is not the place for this discussion, but I felt it was fair to respond to criticisms.
No offense taken, I appreciate your advise and help.

peter b (b1pete) said : #19

raise pls over the politics . it does not matter what user interface a certain linux distro uses - virtualbox concepts and set up are the same under the gnome or unity desktop. this unity discussion is just splitting the hair in 4 - linux basic is linux - any distro has different desktops , ubuntu has gnome classic, now it has unity, it has also kde in kubuntu, xfe etc.

as I said, if you make the commitment to linux then go for it and start putting in the effort in learning its concepts which in 10 yrs of personal experience changed v little in terms of basic use. linux is in a continuous improvement/upgrading mode - unity is one of those improvements which like anything new no doubt has its criticism too. don't pay attention to that , virtualbox will still work equally well under gnome, unity, kde etc.