Vino-Server holds dead connections

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i am writing a script which suspends a Ubuntu Server if no connections to VNC are established. So i wrote a script which tests something like that:

- lsof -ai tcp -c vino-server

Unfortunately sometimes the command shows two ESTABLISHED connections, but i just connected once:

vino-serv 1913 user 16u IPv4 24860 0t0 TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
vino-serv 1913 user 18u IPv4 21570 0t0 TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

I guess that dead connection was a broken connection from some hours before.

That syndrome i have observed multiple.

Interestingly the indicator Button shows "One Person is connected"


- Are there any comannds etc. which shows me really!!! if a uer is connected to Vino?
- If not! Is that a Bug and does some have a workarround?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

What are you nconnecting using VNC to achieve?
What do you do when you connect?

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Joe6832 (manfred-gron) said :

Im connecting via Remmina. Im using the standard settings from reminna. So i have created a profile wth the servers ip-address and vnc pasword (else i changed nothing)

Im using on client side Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Server side: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, too.

I think i can break a connection if i dont close the cnnection through the disconnect button. But today i couldnt reproduce that.

Also sometimes im connecting via VPN. Yesterday i had my VPN address twice on that output. But in either cases i dont really know how to reproduce that sure.


Aside from that problem: The vino button in ubuntu is just able to see how many users are really connected. So is it possible to extract that information? I only need to know if a user is connected or not, how many is irrelevant?


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

What do you do when you connect to the VNC server?

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Joe6832 (manfred-gron) said :

What im doing?

Admin stuff! The last time that problem occures i have red the log files (syslog) via cat and have edited my shell script which should set my ubuntu to standby-mode.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Wait. You VNC to a server then open a terminal? Are you serious! ?

You can connect (securely) via SSH and do that. Think about it. ...just connect via SSH and the terminal will be running commands and showing the output of the commands you run....

You can also run the shell script via SSH too. Wht are you using unsecure VNC when a better and faster solution exists?

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Joe6832 (manfred-gron) said :

:D normally im using ssh for terminal stuff, that was just a exception xD But sometimes im faster by copy files through nautilus instead to the cp command. But you are right, its much safer. But im using VNC only in my Intranet or through VPN (and my VPN connection is very secure :))

The reason why i cant reposuce it, is because i dont use VNC often, but if i use it my server runs through the night (because he thinks vnc is just connected) and wish i can solve this problem!

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Joe6832 (manfred-gron) said :

i sry i pushed the solves button! :D

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Your file browser in Ubuntu can connect to the SFTP server that you get when you install openssh-server and you can move files around on the local file system as well as back to the client system.

This is exactly why I ask why people are using VNC because often it's for poor reasons. Usually down to ignorance of what your OS can actually do.

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