vino won't complete connection

Asked by John Pfuntner on 2013-01-30

I've been using vino on Ubuntu 11.04 with TightVNC 2.5.2 on my Windows laptop for a few months now. Usually, it works great but this morning it's not letting me complete the connection. I'm supposed to be prompted for the vino password but that never comes up. There are no error messages and no further VNC windows open.

The vino messages say:

30/01/2013 08:49:16 AM Autoprobing TCP port in (all) network interface
30/01/2013 08:49:16 AM Listening IPv6://[::]:5900
30/01/2013 08:49:16 AM Listening IPv4://
30/01/2013 08:49:16 AM Autoprobing selected port 5900
30/01/2013 08:49:16 AM Advertising security type: 'TLS' (18)
30/01/2013 08:49:16 AM Advertising authentication type: 'VNC Authentication' (2)
30/01/2013 08:49:16 AM Advertising security type: 'VNC Authentication' (2)
30/01/2013 08:50:27 AM [IPv4] Got connection from client
30/01/2013 08:50:27 AM other clients:

I've also tried using the RealVNC 5.0.4 viewer on my workstation and that behaves about the same way. The window in which I enter the server name isn't dismissed but the progress bar just says "Connecting..." and nothing ever happens.

I've tried rebooting my Ubuntu server and my laptop several times. Any thoughts?

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Natty is no longer supported. It is EOL. There is zero support anywhere and zero packages for it

I suggest a clean install of Precise giving support til April 2017.


John Pfuntner (john-pfuntner) said : #2

Yes, I know it's old. I don't want to take the time to upgrade at the moment.

John Pfuntner (john-pfuntner) said : #3

The source of the problem seems to be a network issue that has been resolved.

Glad you got the gold but the release is dead. Imagine contacting Microsoft support with a windows 95 issue. Same deal. You will simply be told to use a newer version.

Natty is EOL. Please don't post further questions regarding it. It is no longer supported in any way you can conceive