annoying lag when bwrosing the other computer.

Asked by Daivana on 2009-07-19

I can connect successfuly to the remote PC, but the control is lagging/shaky.
Is there a way to resolve the problem?

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What technology are you connecting to it? Is it wireless on LAN or is it over the internet?

Why do you need a full desktop? Can you do what you need at command line which is significantly faster

How are you remotely controlling the system? Is it VNC, X forwarding?

Daivana (strongwill) said : #2

Technology, I dont understand this question.

I have 2 computers using a rooter, it's lan.
Why I need full desktop? Why not? It's easier control the PC If see all of the desktop, I don't know much of the terminal commands.

Sorry I don't get the last question.

I am a little new to Linux.

Ok that is ok. If its a wireless setup it can be laggy. I'm guessing you are using VNC, this is fine over LAN but it has zero encryption so is not secure over the www.

What are you controlling the system to do? Maybe there is a more streamlined method to achieve your goal. VNC is pretty slow. You can enable compression on the server side which will make the image worse but improve speed, and its only remotely controlling so who cares.

Daivana (strongwill) said : #4

It's not wireless, just 2 computers plugged on a wired rooter, I have a static IP.
I configured the setting on the other PC in System>>Preferences>>Remote Desktop

Enabled sharing so I could connect to it and requires password for safety, thats all I did int those options.

I am controlling the mouse, keyboard, I control it as if in real time.

at work I use radmin for Windows machines and it goes great, I thought maybe could use the same method but without radmin.

Yes but to what end are you controlling the mouse and keyboard? what are you using on the other system?

for windows systems i recommend using terminal services as it is secure. you can connect to them from linux using rdesktop

I suggest you either look a little deeper into the vnc config file to enable some compression to speed up the reactivity, or use a more graceful system to achieve what you need to do.

Daivana (strongwill) said : #6

I am not trying to control the other machine so advance as you mention, though I don't understand why you ask questions which somehow don't compile with my problem O.o but I appreciate that you gave me any answer, thank you.
I will try to find the VNC config file and see what I could change there.

Because 9 times out of 10 a full blown desktop is simply not needed. Many apps have web interfaces which are significantly faster than streaming a full desktop over the link, if your connection is slow then you must bend to the speed and use something more suitable.

What are you using the remote deskto pto achieve via VNC?

Daivana (strongwill) said : #8

I understand now.

You see, my wife switched from WIn to linux and when I am not at home, but at work, she could have some problem with the Linux machine and I would help remotely,when I would try to solve the problem she would learn what I am doing, not that I am a pro in linux, but just so she could get some idea where you could look for the problem, thats all.
My connection is not slow.