Executable permissions on autofs map file cause ambiguity

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I would like to suggest a clarification in the Ubuntu wiki page Autofs, but as a newbie I seeking the opinion of others.

On my brand new Ubuntu 12.10 installation I was trying to automount some nfs shares from my media server and struggled until I noticed that automount interprets the content of a map file according to its executable setting: if set, key entries in the map file will be looked up as programs (not what I intended). I got it working with either/both of (i) ensuring permissions on the map file do not include executable flag or (ii) using the optional format specifier 'file:' when referring to it in auto.master. Just a few extra words about this in the wiki might be helpful.

The rest of this posting describes my configuration for those interested in reproducing the problem I had.

My troublesome auto.master contained:

/mnt/nas1 /etc/auto.nas1 --timeout=300 --ghost

Whilst the version that worked fine was:

/mnt/nas1 file:/etc/auto.nas1 --timeout=300 --ghost

The difference is in the presence of the optional 'file:' format specifier ahead of my map file 'auto.nas1'. I had (naively) set permissions on this file consistently with existing auto.smb and auto.net. The significant contents of my auto.nas1 map file are:

mymedia -fstype=nfs,hard,intr,timeo=10,async,rw,nodev,nosuid nas1:/media
mybackup -fstype=nfs,hard,intr,timeo=10,async,rw,nodev,nosuid nas1:/backup

I was using 'automount -v' to get more info in syslog and the troublesome section was reported as follows:

automount[7744]: attempting to mount entry /mnt/nas1/mymedia
automount[7744]: lookup(program): lookup for mymedia failed
automount[7744]: failed to mount /mnt/nas1/mymedia

(I later discovered the more immediate 'automount -v -f')

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

You can add the mounts in /etc/fstab

you will need to add the command in /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' line:

mount -a

To make the network shares mount as fstab is processed before the network comes up.

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