Now unable to mount SD card via card reader under 12.10.

Asked by ophansom on 2012-10-20

I have always transferred my photos from camera to computer memory by removing the SD card and using a card reader rather than bringing the camera to the computer and connecting directly.

I've been doing this for years without problem and did it without problem earlier this week under 12.04.

Today under 12.10 I do exactly the same but I get the message:

Unable to mount 2.0 GB volume.
Adding read ACL for uid 1002 to 'media/myname' failed: Operation not supported.

I have tried two SD cards but the result is the same.

The card is recognised by the system and its icon appears on the left hand side of the screen but clicking on it has no effect. It also appears in the file manager but clicking on it produces the error report.

I have read the paragraphs on Media Card Reader problems in the 12.10 Help but found no solution since nothing has changed
except the version of Ubuntu. There is mention of the possibility that direct connection of the camera might work but I want to keep my present practice and avoid having to bring my cameras to the computer room.

Help would be appreciated!

When you last unplugged it, did you safely remove the device or did you just eject it without informing the OS?
What file system does the device use?

ophansom (oph-oph) said : #2

Thanks for response. I always safely remove devices. Your question reminds me that in the last few days of 12.04 on my system I had a problem with the system being unable to shut the device down when I sought to remove it safely. I waited till I had turned the computer off. This was after there was a substantial batch of updates about a week ago but before I did a final update immediately before the version change.

The two devices are marked SD and presumably SDSC, 1GB and 2GB. The 1GB card has been used in my Lumix LX3 camera for many months and will have been often reformatted in camera. I don't think the 2GB card has ever been reformatted. It has only ever held a few JPEG files though some will have been deleted from the file manager. I use it to transfer files to an old remote printer that I use for the quality of its greyscale printing.

I have now determined that my USB memory sticks don't work either so it's the same bug as 1069262 that I am now linking to.

"Adding read ACL for uid 1002 to 'media/myname' failed: Operation not supported."

This is not an issue with USB or the SD card, instead this is an issue with the program "udisks".

:: Non technical Solution ::

1) Open your "Software Sources" (Most likely in Launcher Menu under Settings)

2) Switch to the Updates tab and enable a check-mark for "Pre-Release Updates".
This will update you to the new udisks2 (among other things) where this problem has apparently been fixed.

:: Technical Solution (AKA Quick and Dirty Fix) ::

1) Navigate to /media directory and create a new folder.

2) Re-title the folder to whatever your user name is on the machine. (Case sensitive!)

3) Change ownership from root to your user

4) Log out and log back in.

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