Asked by beamsys on 2011-07-03

Dear Gurus/Oldtimers,

I already downloaded and installed the latest XUBUNTU 10.04 in hope to be able to access data on hard drives with JFS file system. But to my surprise JFS filesystem was not available as option during the install (or was I to dumb to see it? Possible...), and JFS is not found in /proc/filesystems after the boot.

Data on these JFS hard drives is too valuable and I am scared to attempt the install with JFS drive already connected to the system, so what I am trying to do is to install XUbuntu 10.04 on a clean hard drive, and then connect JFS hard drive to the system and mount it. After rebut with the JFS hard drive connected, it becomes visible as sdf in /dev/disk/by-id and in /proc/partitions. but attempt to do

mount -t jfs /def/sdf /mount/JFS leads to "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock" error.

Thanks everyone beforehand for your help :-)

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Massimo Forti (slackwarelife) said : #1

The file system was probably not unmounted cleanly at some point, and jfs will not mount the file system read-write unless the journal is replayed. Running fsck against the file system should replay the journal and mark the superblock clean: jfs_fsck /dev/device. Thanks.

beamsys (vray) said : #2

These disks (I have number of them) were created on IBM box running AIX system with JFS-1 filesystem. I am beginning to think that there are some serious differences between AIX JFS and Linux JFS, and therefore it probably will not be possible to mount drives formatted with AIX JFS onto Linux....

beamsys (vray) said : #3

Earlier today received an e-mail from Dave Kleikamp @ http://jfs.sourceforge.net/ - AIX JFS and Linux JFS are incompatible and direct cross-mounting of drives is impossible. Drive with JFS filesystem created on AIX box can be mounted on AIX box only.