installed ubuntu 10.04 LTS How do I unmount flash drive?

Asked by Eliot Caraco on 2010-11-16

I installed the ubuntu upgrade yesterday.
It went well at first, but at one point during the day loading pages from the internet went very slow.
Today that is not a problem.
However, when I was turning on the computer yesterday evening, twice, before the log in boxes came up, there were sentences, in big letters, all across the screen. I only remember the last few words: kill it. Then I logged in, and besides being slow, things seemed to be working. I also noticed when I was shutting down last night, smaller print sentences, that went by too fast to read, but also said something about "killing" or "killed". What could that mean?
But to get to my main question, when trying to unmount my flash drive last night, the 1.0 GB Filesystem icon didn't give me an unmount option. So can I choose eject, for both the above mentioned icon, as well as the U3 system round icon, without damaging anything?
Thank you so much for your help.

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kaphar (captain-harry) said : #1

The system may be trying to upgrade your system in the background. One of many possibilities. Many more are possible, especially in the area of the local ISP.

Eliot Caraco (eacarac) said : #2

But I thought the upgrade was completed yesterday!
So are you saying there is nothing I can do?
I am using a mini computer I received as a gift, and I don't have an internet provider, so I take it to the library, Starbucks, etc.
In any case, I know very little about computers, and even if you could suggest something for me to do, I would probably not understand you.
But is ejecting the flash drive, as opposed to unmounting it, as I explained above, a viable option that will not do any damage?
thanks for your feedback.

Best delance (olivier-delance) said : #3

There is no upgrade in background with Ubuntu. Update files are loaded only if you requested it.
At shutdown, the "kill" messages could be normal, as kernel need to kill some processes before shutting off PC.
About flash drive, lot of people were disturbed by presence of both Eject and Unmount options, so in 10.10 there is only now option Eject. If you want to unmount without ejecting (if you have many file systems on a key), you must use another way (line command, Disk Utility, ...).

Eliot Caraco (eacarac) said : #4

Thank yo for your help.
All the best to you.

Eliot Caraco (eacarac) said : #5

Thanks delance, that solved my question.