How to change autogenerated "tty" files created by upstart?

Asked by Blare Sutton

I have been working through the process of making some modifications to the Feisty 7.04 Desktop / LiveCD and remastering my own remix. While this is not an overly onerous task, there are some things with 7.04 that I am not familiar with and have been causing me some trouble. I have figured out that we now use upstart rather than init, and to cause upstart to listen for runlevels other than single or default one must modify /etc/event.d/rc-default. Now I want to change the default behaviour of tty's at boot and thought to just alter the "tty" files in /etc/event.d - silly me! I noted that on booting one of my remastered LiveCD's it seems that the content of the tty files do not reflect anything like what i set them to when i was authoring the CD. With this information in hand, my question is this:

Is there something that autogenerates the tty files in /etc/event.d as part of the LiveCD boot process? If so, what is it and how can I change it so that my tty does not necessarily run getty or mingetty?



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Antonio Pérez-Aranda Alcaide (ant30) said :

You can edit the "/etc/event.d/ttyX" and comment the line "respawn /sbin/getty 38400 ttyX" (you insert the '#' chat at start of the line) . Note that X is the tty number that you want disable. Other thing that you could do is move these ttyX files to another directory as /etc/event.d.disable (you need create it with sudo).

You must have a tty1 for rescue purpose or others things.

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ultra (ely0001) said :

Found similar; commenting out yields blank console on respective tty.

What I would like to do is eliminate the automatic login. This is a security issue.

Deleting " -f ubuntu " after /bin/login doesn't seem to work.


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