KDE 5 is corrupted, after updating Kubuntu

Asked by Sherif

After updating all Kubuntu 15.04 package and restarting, KDE 5 is corrupted. After logging in, I see that the background is black, the default panel white background is only loaded (I can't see any buttons in it) and I can't run commands in Run Command (ALT+F2 opens it. Enter button does nothing. Clicking the button at the left of the textbox results closing Run Command).
I booted with Upstart, because of a bug that prevents me from booting normally. My only way to use Kubuntu is through Fail Safe (After booting with Upstart). ubuntu-bug doesn't work well in Fail Safe, so this was the only way to report.
systemd boot must be fixed, before the final release. This bug is very critical. The user must at laest be able to boot correctly.

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Sherif (ali-sherif10) said :

I hope I reported the bug in the right way without ubuntu-bug.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Sounds fine. The bug guys will request details as needed

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