Update manager not notifying an available upgrade

Asked by Moshe Caspi on 2016-01-11

I declined a few messages about an available upgrade and I don't get this message again. Does Update Manager has a feature that it stops showing that an upgrade is available if the user declines the offers X times? If so, how do I get this notification again? I know how to use apt-get so there is no need to explain this option.

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Use software centre and you can check config

Moshe Caspi (mcaspi12) said : #2

Thanks for your help. I didn't find how software centre does this, Can you give me more info?

Moshe Caspi (mcaspi12) said : #4

Thanks for your help. The answer is different. I had a few packages that
weren't updated. Only when I updated them I was offered to upgrade.

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