dist-upgrade from dapper to ..

Asked by Wim


i get no dist-upgrade option with

# update-manager -c
/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/apt/__init__.py:17: FutureWarning: apt API not stable yet
  warnings.warn("apt API not stable yet", FutureWarning)

what so ever

on the other hand

# update-manager -c -d
/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/apt/__init__.py:17: FutureWarning: apt API not stable yet
  warnings.warn("apt API not stable yet", FutureWarning)

does show the 8.04 option after a click on check

it this ment to be?

useful? related links i found while searching:
on python:
helas, there is python2.5 package for dapper

on the update-manager:

Arch : AMD64
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS
Release: 6.06
Codename: dapper

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Dennis Dirdjaja (dcd-ditsch) said :

Did you fetch the latest update-manager from dapper-proposed beforehand? Please also read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades about performing a LTS-to-LTS upgrade. And please keep in mind, Hardy is still under heavy development and not stable yet.

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Wim (wim-bertels) said :

thank u,
but i suppose that's no so different as:
# update-manager -c -d

no in short my question is:
is there ment to be no update option to edgy eft from dapper?
(since i get no option with: #update-manager -c)

as a note: in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades
it says " For the final version the packages will move from "dapper-proposed" to "dapper-updates". The "-d" (--devel-release) switch will then no longer be needed. ",
so it will just be running (as root): #update-manager
while at moment this shows nothing (even with -c option), even though i exspected it to show edgy eft

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ajmal_82 (ajmal-82) said :

hey there are two reasons u should be trying first stop inplace upgrade that's stop doing upgrade before hardy heron because the system before hardy heron doesn't support it.and even with gutsy its maybe harder.i give you two choices
1).try fresh installation of gutsy gibbon,using live cd if u have or order from shipit.
2).wait for 2 months and install hardy heron which will support better upgrade.

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Wim (wim-bertels) said :

1: the work doing a fresh install (+ all software/ packages and so on + just cp -pr /home won't do the trick..) = at least two days work..
            -> i don't consider this a good option
2: same remark
3: so i'll wait, and hope the upgrade from lts dapper to lts hardy will show(and hope it will go fine ..:)