Netbook remix window-picker-applet not fully functional in other versions of ubuntu.

Asked by NPBBls on 2010-01-21

window-picker-applet is a truly useful component of Ubuntu netbook remix. when added to a panel, it serves several really neat functions. first it acts similarly to the windows 7 taskbar by showing an icon for each open window, and shading that icon depending on whether it is minimized or not. secondly, and this it what makes it essential for small screens, the applet serves as a location for a maximized window's title bar. it absorbs a maximized window's title bar, significantly improving vertical work space. when this applet is installed as a single package, i've tried it in 9.10 and 10.04, it does not function properly. or the rest of the window management system does not integrate properly with it. maximized windows show their title bar in the applet on the panel as they should, but they do not shed their original title bars, rendering the applet useless. i love this applet, but do not like the nbr. so i have installed nbr 9.01, and removed the various nbr packages responsible for the launcher and such, but not the window picler applet. this is the only way i can get the applet to work right on a normal ubuntu desktop. it wont integrate fully with a non nbr version. is there a setting, or configuration i am missing? is there an obscure package i am missing that will allow windows to shed their title bars when maximized along side this applet? i would love to test out the alpha release but refuse to give up this applet on my mere 600 pixel tall screen. please help. thanks

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

log a bug

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bug now linked

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