Karmic UNR CD size too large

Asked by MikeR on 2009-08-30

The Alpha-4 karmic-netbook-remix-i386.iso is *just* over 700MB
This causes a problem with some burning software. If I choose to carry on regardless, the CD boots OK, but running an integrity check shows errors on several (7, IIRC) files.

Should i
1) Ignore the errors (I don't know which files are corrupt)
2) try burning a DVD
3) try burning a (non-standard) 800MB CD
4) wait -- perhaps a future version will fit in under 700MB


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arochester (arochester) said :

Do you have experience of burning an ISO, or is this your first time? Many people make coasters the first time.

Look at "BurningIsoHowto" on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto - especially the bit about verifying the md5 sum - to check if your ISO is OK

I think that it is fairly normal for ISOs to be a bit over 700Mb, but once burnt properly it will make a disk a bit under 700Mb.

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Tom (tom6) said :

HI :)

The UNR is not made to nor meant to fit on a Cd. It is made specifically for netbooks that seldom even have a cd/dvd drive. Also note the image is not an iso image unlike Server Edition or Desktop Edition. The UNR is designed to put onto a Usb-stick.

Note the Jaunty 9.04 UNR is about 900Mb!
I think there are significant differences in the hardware support as netbooks are still quite a new concept and often have new concepts in their hardware architecture.

Anyway, good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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MikeR (mike-rechtman) said :

@Tom: Please see
This is an ISO *not* an IMG file. Admittedly not yet an RC version, but still just a trifle too large (708MB) to fit on a standard CD.
Possibly using ImageWriter it could be put on a USB memory stick, but that is not its primary purpose, as it makes a bootable CD. An IMG file OTOH can only be used on a memory stick.

@arochester: I have been downloading and burning ISO files since Ubuntu V 5.04.

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Best GeorgeVita (8-launchpad-mhnyma-com) said :

Hi MikeR, I am expressing some thoughts that may help:

Alpha versions are made for 'testing'.
UNR is primary intended to be used on netbooks (where a CD-drive not exist).
ISO format is usually for burning a CD, but also it is used to 'burn' a 'live USB stick' using 'USB startup disk creator', running any Ubuntu installation or live CD (9.04 or 9.10 from top menu System > Administration > USB startup disk creator).

So I believe the primary purpose of a UNR .iso file is to be written to a USB stick using 'USB startup disk creator'. Note also that using this program you can test any Ubuntu version on a netbook 'burning' the USB stick with the appropriate .iso (I am running 8.10, 9.04, 9.04UNR, 9.10 alphas and 9.10 UNR alternatively on my EeePC 1000H using this method!).


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Tom (tom6) said :

Wow, thanks chaps. I haven't looked at the Karmic alpha versions yet and hadn't realised it was still in iso format. I would guess that will change sometime soon. I guess it's still all very new.
Thanks and regards from
Tom :)

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MikeR (mike-rechtman) said :

Thanks GeorgeVita, that solved my question.