why is it that when i start my netbook in UNR desktop mode, my panel is not displaying right?

Asked by ceffy on 2009-07-24

im using a MSI wind u100 and i have ubuntu 9.04 desktop which i sidegraded with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. but when i boot it with UNR, the panel and the windows arent displaying right. some parts become visible at a time then disappears. i have to switch to classic desktop and go back to UNR desktop again to have it fixed. also, in UNR mode, theres no battery icon nor a wifi/network icon.

I dont want to be disappointed with UNR, but i know its still new thats why it has problems. I mean UNR is good, its nice actually, but i just wish that everything will work smoothly and have the bugs fixed.

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Well don't we all? I'm sure ALL OSs want that too, as well as ALL software developers.......

does this happen with all users? if you only have one user, make a new one and log on as that instead. If it is all ok then your profile has an issue. If it is the same then your apps have an issue.

Are you fully updated?

ceffy (eeampil) said : #2

well, i only got one user excluding sudo. yes, i did what you said. the other user worked well. what you said is right. it maybe the profile. then what should i do next?

and yes, i'm fully updated.

sudo is not a user, it is a program to elevate your priveledges for a short period. A user may only use sudo (and gksudo) if it is in the 'admin' group.

You may find you have configs from whn the system was a full desktop system that is impacting on the remix. The new user will have gotten stock settings which the remix can then modify.

You could run:

sudo useradd -G admin <other user name here>

sudo useradd -G admin andy

If you now login asthe other account you can use sudo, this will allow you to renme the ~/.gnome* and ~/.gconf* folders in your first users home directory (DO NOT DELETE!!!). I used * as there are a few that start the same. If you run:

ls -a you will see the folder list including hidden files and folders, if you prefer a gui method you can launch:

gksudo nautilus

then show hidden files and head over to your first users home directory to start the rename. This will default ALL gnome settings back to factory defaults. This is the only fix I can think of personally. We rename so as to not actually lose the data, the data is just not under the right name so when your first user logs back in the system will see no settings folders and give you stock ones. The rename also allows a rollback which I ALWAYS include. If you want to revert then you can simply log on as the other user and rename the folders back. However if you are happy with the result, after a few days it is fine to delete the old configs to save space.

ceffy (eeampil) said : #4

sir actionparsnip, rename to what?

ceffy (eeampil) said : #5

i cant find /gnome what i have is /gnome2 i found /gconf

then rename those, make sure they are the ones in your first users home folder and not the account you are using for recovery

ceffy (eeampil) said : #7

it worked for me. will i encounter problems with what we've done? because i wont close this yet, and monitor it for a few days if there would be.

and when should i delete those?

You only delete the old data once the situation is resolved. You keep the old config so you can roll back easily. Test the system for a few weeks to make sure all is well. Then you may delete if you wish. You could even move them to a removable drive to get them out of the way.

ceffy (eeampil) said : #9

alright man. thanks. i might as well include the other user i just created with the deletion.

Tom (tom6) said : #10

Hi Ceffy :)

If this problem is "Solved" for the moment then please click the button at the bottom of whichever of ActionParsnip's answers solved this for you so that the question can be added to our "Solved Answers" database which should help people with a similar problem in the future.

If after a couple of weeks or sometime if there's another problem then please feel free to ask a question using


Thanks and regards from
Tom :)

ceffy (eeampil) said : #11

alright tom.

ceffy (eeampil) said : #12

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

Tom (tom6) said : #13

Brilliant :)))
Thanks for that :)
Welcome to linux-land, especially the Ubuntu corner of it :)
Regards from
Tom :)

ceffy (eeampil) said : #14

well i still have a lot to learn about linux especially ubuntu and backtrack. i wish theres a training center for ubuntu certification here in the philippines. i wanna know the core level knowledge of the server and desktop coz i know i will be needing it for work.

Tom (tom6) said : #15

Once you've dealt with all these initial hurdles you will find that using Ubuntu is pretty easy to just use normally. The problems you are encountering at the moment would normally be dealt with by IT departments and external contractors dealing with "deployment", contracts and buying in proffessional support contracts
and stuff like that.

Knowing too much about the best way to install and set things up for a good solidly reliable system for the company can just lead to increasing frustration when you see how incredibly dumb and stupid most companies are in their IT 'strategy'. Even if you are head of the IT department then a lot of people have a highly motivated self-interest in either jumping onboard (thus effectively becoming your followers) or in bringing you down in some way.

However i think this question about training is really worth asking as a new question because i think there are a lot of good courses out there - both on-line and other ways.

I hope this helps!
Good luck with all this!
Regards from
Tom :)

Tom (tom6) said : #16

On the other hand

So train up quick and maybe start doing consultancy work in your own time, if that's allowed by your work rules (sometimes 'moonlighting' is against the rules) and if it isn't then at least be trained up ready for a new career :)

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