trying to install UNR within windows... getting stuck at "creating virtual disks"

Asked by tarun makhija on 2010-08-04

i'm a starter with Ubuntu... i have a dell mini 1210 in india. recently tried to install Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 (UNE) on it. i tried to intall it within windows. the installer went ok with everything. i created the USB stick... continued installation with it. but it gets stuck in the last stage... the progress bar stops and the status shows "creating virtual disks". please suggest what can be done about this. i tried installing Ubuntu desktop 10.04 but it still stopped at the same place "creating virtual disks". before installing i thought of trying to use Ubuntu and see how it works. i installed an image of it, as guided on the site, on a USB stick and had my experience of working on UNE and Ubuntu desktop 10.04 also. but were amazing. decided to install UNE on my system. thats when i faced the above mentioned problem. please advice.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Did you MD5 test the file you downloaded?
Have you tested your RAM?

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tarun makhija (tarunmakhija22) said :

ok... i used the same pen drive to run, and later install, ubuntu on another desktop that i have. everyhing worked perfect on that one. its working perfectly alright on my desktop. so i dont think there could be anything wrong with the pen drive setup of ubuntu i made using the universal USB installer.

how do i test my RAM?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

When you see the stickman & keyboard screen, press space. You can then select test ram.

If it's ok we can start looking at boot options.

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tarun makhija (tarunmakhija22) said :

dude... one thing i think i forgot to mention is that i was trying to install ubuntu from within windows... and i dont really know what are u talking about when u say "stickman and keyboard screen". how do i come across this screen?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Ok you are using a USB stick so that step isn't necessary, my mistake. Wubi is the thing you use to install Ubuntu within Windows. I'd run a full scandisk and defrag on your drive to make sure it is healthy and the NTFS is in order (NTFS is garbage and VERY prone to fragmentation, this will also directly knock on to the performance of your eventually installed Ubuntu).

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tarun makhija (tarunmakhija22) said :

finally we're reaching the same page... yes Wubi is what is used to install (i noticed). so what u're suggesting is that i run a scan disk and defrag it and that shud make it work?

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tarun makhija (tarunmakhija22) said :

dude... i think i kinda found the problem. i have only about 2 GB of space left on my hard drive. i guess thats why Wubi's not able to create a virtual disk and finish the installation. lemme empty up my drives, give it a scan and defrag and then give installation a shot. i'll inform u of whatever the outcome is after i finish doing all this.

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Best actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :


You'll need more than 2Gb. Try deleting temporary internet files and you can also remove the files in %windir% which start with a dollar sign, these are backups of files taken to install updates. If you stop the automatic update service you can delete the folder:


Then start the service again, this can save more space. You should also press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL in chrome / firefox and delete the history / temporary internet files and also empty out %WINDIR%\TEMP as well as the temp folder in LocalSettings in your profile folder.

All these folders will amass temporary and pointless files and Windows insists on keeping this crap. Companys make LOTS of money selling people whom don't know these things to delete them automatically, or you can just do it yourself.

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tarun makhija (tarunmakhija22) said :

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.