Installing from a USB 2.0 drive. Not a Disc drive.

Asked by marcus baca on 2010-06-12

I have an Eee PC, Asus that did not come with a CD drive. I has zandros on it currently. Is this as easy as transfering the ISO image of 10.04-netbook-i386 onto the USB flash drive and booting from the USB flash drive? I tried this and i get a Disk I/O error and stops.


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Vu Do Quynh (vu-do-quynh) said : #1


You need to create a live USB with the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS iso file and boot your netbook with it.
To do that, you can use unetbootin to create the live USB with Xandros:

If you have an other computer, you could also boot that computer with a live CD burned out from the 10.04 iso file and then use the USB startup disk creator on the live CD to create your live USB with 10.04 on it.

After having created your live USB, you can test Ubuntu 10.04 with your EeePC first. If everything looks good, then you can install it with the live USB.

By the way, you may wish to try Ubuntu 10.04 UNE, instead of the regular desktop version, which is specially designed for the netbooks, especially if you have a small display like 7 or 8".

Hope that helps

marcus baca (bacam-hotmail) said : #2

Thank you so much for your help. I made sure I and using the Netbook version of Ubuntu. I just made the live USB drive and about to install. Once again, thanks.

marcus baca (bacam-hotmail) said : #3

ok I got an notice saying that my partitions were to small. Please go back and increase the size. Im trying but saying " no root file system is defined" please correct this from the partitioning menu. what now?
Sorry. i love the look so far and excited to install and use.

marcus baca (bacam-hotmail) said : #4

Ok, my main problem is that my Eeepc netbook comes adequately equiped with a 2gb hard drive. I cant believe it but this is my problem. The install requires 2.4gb to install. can I scale down the size by not installing some of the software in the install or no?

marcus you tell "I has zandros on it currently"
Are you sure you have a disk with a totally size of only 2giga... ?
Can you tell us the model of that Asus eeepc ?
Have you answered to use entire disk at install step... ?

Thank you

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marcus baca (bacam-hotmail) said : #8

OK.. I'm pretty sure I've got this right.
Eee PC2gs-w003, model is the 2G surf.

I was told by customer service that the current OS is Xandros but upon attempting installation of Ubuntu, it recognized it as Debian. So now i don't really know.

Customer service just confirmed that it does in fact have only a 2gig hard drive.

I did create one large partition using the entire drive but then I got a message that warned me of not having a swap partition so i created a small 150 MB partition for swap and I still got the error message not enough disk space.
Do I really need the Swap partition or can I get away without it?

Not a real problem the Swap partition in your env
here minimum system required Netbook Edition
to install Ubuntu Netboot Edition


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