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Asked by GTriderXC on 2016-03-16

I'd love to ask who is responsible for the way the upper panel looks like? Who gives the ideas for the project? I'd love to share my intollerance for the present solution and give some better ideas. The present ones are not the best one can imagine and there is not much work to make the interface more user friendly. Either someone has no idea what a user needs, uses iPhone or is the way the system looks like all the same and users should be glad to not be forced to use Android? Android is much better and user friendly. I'd love to be able to explain it to people who are responsible for the present ubuntu-phone theme and look.

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GTriderXC (gtriderxc) said : #1


Every time I use my Nexus with Android, I feel some kind of relief. On Android I can do everything with two clicks. On ubuntu I have to search or click several times to call the simpliest funktion as Offline etc. There is SO much place on the screen! Instead of using it, you make a bar I have to scroll, scroll the grey on the grey icons and then find a function in a complicated menu, function that I get in my nexus 5 with two simple clicks.

Then switch from Gnome desktop with Unity shell. You don't have to use the Unity interface. You can install the KDE or XFCE or LXDE or any other desktop you can find and use that.

This isn't Windows where there is one option and that's it. You have a HUGE amount of choice of what your system runs and how it looks. Just switch to something else and see if that suits your needs.

I dislike Firefox Web browser which is default in Ubuntu. I simply install and use something else. It's not hard.

If you have issues with the phone then I suggest you report a bug. The devs are always looking for ways to improve the UI. If you can give specific use cases as well as suggestions for solutions then this may help shape the device

GTriderXC (gtriderxc) said : #4

Many thanks for Your reply. I use MATE so as You see I meant the phone rather. My bugs about Unity since 12.04 are left untouched. I'm gonna create a bug as You suggested. I'd love to start a discussion on Ubuntu-phone mailing list but the problem is that my mails as well as mails other mambers of the mailing list land in Spam folder!!! This is just another proof how poorly works communication between developers. How should we expect that some day the end user will get a phone as usable as iOS or Android?