Some essential Unity packages not installed after Natty upgrade

Asked by Federico Tello Gentile on 2011-04-12

Last Sunday (2011-04-10) I upgraded to Natty with the update-manager (using -d option). Everything went fine as there were no errors reported.
After I restarted my default desktop was Unity (in maverick I had it's default gnome), and it worked fine, but I discovered there were some packages not installed in my system that reduced the Unity functionality.


The time indicator was also missing.

The result was that my unity after the upgrade did not show the gtk applications menu in the top panel, I could not find files or applications from the launcher and Firefox 4.0 did not have the application menu displayed on the top panel either.

After I installed those missing packages everything looked like the natty Live CD unity.

Is this a dependency problem? Those packages are optional for Unity, but they should be required by the ubuntu-desktop package.

Should this question be turned into a bug?

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Log a bug

Natty is NOT ready and NOT stable so you will get issues like this

I rather file a bug before natty is ready since this would hurt lots of users upgrading from maverick unnecessarily.

Exactly, get a bug logged and it will be addressed hopefully before release:

The linked bug is fixed, therefore this question is solved.

If you can't fix stuff like this yourself or cannot search to find guides, I don't recommend you use pre-releases.