Turn Netbook remix unity interface back to 10.04

Asked by msknight on 2010-10-21

The 10.04 netbook remix interface was extremely well designed. People who were not computer literate, or not very open to computers, took to this interface well. I had installed it on an number of PC's for these people because of its performance and extreme ease of use.

The 10.10 netbook interface is, by comparison, clunky and complex. The left hand menu has changed from easily read and understood words, to a collection of meaningless and badly designed icons that are difficult to understand.

The side icons are also further complicated by comprising icons for running tasks and the arrows to either side are too small to be seen by some people.

How do I turn back the interface on 10.10 to the interface on 10.04?

I've tried 10.10 with a number of non-computer literate people now, and the new interface is a disaster.

I really need to know how to turn back the interface please.

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If you log off then click your user name, you can then select gnome from the bottom of the screen instead of netbook remix, and you should get a normal Ubuntu desktop.

msknight (michelle-msknight) said : #2

The normal Ubuntu desktop is even more scary. It is specifically the 10.04 desktop which people get along with.

marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #3

naw. the gnome desktop is very cleanly laid out. you can easily find anything anywhere. if you want a scary menu system, go look at windoze. EEEK!

by 10.04 desktop, you mean the one where categories appear down the left side and there are panels on the desktop with icons for various programs?

if you are, someone said that's been replaced by ubiquity, so you're stuck with whatever's available.

msknight (michelle-msknight) said : #4

Well, that's a bit of bad news. 10.04 was a good tool for stopping people struggling with windows. Showing them 10.04 appealed to them. It was quick and easy to use. One bloke took a look at 10.10 and said he'd rather struggle with windows; the icons really confused him.

Well, at least 10.04 should last its 3 years which will give them a chance to get less scared of computers. I get people coming to me, wanting to try something new because they're hacked off with Windows. 10.04 netbook was ideal. Did a lot of installs of that. Got another desktop install of it to do next week.

A real shame this has been changed. I prefer the 10.04 interface on my netbook also, as my eyes aren't the best. Those small arrows either side of the icon are difficult to see on the small screen, so I'm going to hang on to 10.04 for as long as possible also.

I really don't think that Ubuquity interface does Netbook Remix any favours. Well, unless you've got sharp eyes and you're already conversant with computers.

marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #5

yeah. that strip down the left side in 10.10 is ugly, unintuitive and not easy to use.

msknight (michelle-msknight) said : #6

So who do we petition to get that strip changed ... it's really awful.

John Baptist (jepst79) said : #7

msknight, I believe that you are referring to the Netbook Launcher interface. It is not the 10.04 user interface; it is only the default in UNE. You can install Netbook Launcher under Meerkat. Just install the netbook-launcher-efl package from Synaptic, or run

sudo apt-get install netbook-launcher-efl

You can then select the Netbook Launcher desktop from the login screen.

Hope this helps.

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