Video lens, can searching YouTube be turned off

Asked by Melissa Newman on 2012-05-09

With the new feature to search videos online, including YouTube, is this an ability that can be turned off? As a parent, any searches that happen online that I don't have control over worry me. It is too easy for children to access videos on YouTube or other sources that are not appropriate just by type in innocent keywords. The same would be true if this new feature included searching for pictures online through Wikimedia or something. Thank you.

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if you run:

sudo apt-get --purge remove unity-lens-video

It will remove it for you

Melissa Newman (melissa-l) said : #2

Thanks for telling me how to remove the whole application ... is that your way of saying "Gee, we forgot the parental controls, so unless you want EVERYTHING that we say you want, you get nothing."

And I always thought Microsoft was the bad company for trying to think for us. Ubuntu is finally learning that skill and learning it well.

Its not EVERYTHING at all, its a lens.

I have no idea how the last sentence is of any value to your issue.

You could report a bug citing no parental controls on the lens, the only way currently to stop it being used is to remove it.

please drop the whole 'gee' thing, it's not very becoming.

Melissa Newman (melissa-l) said : #4

Computer programmers that are not married and don't have children (especially if they are male programmers) really have no clue just how easy the bad stuff is for children to get access to. On average most children are exposed to that type of stuff by the time they are 10 years old, when they have no comprehension of what it means and how to deal with it. But, as always, if it is the single boys that are writing the programs, how dare anybody suggest that a boy should not have access to that stuff.

I always viewed Linux as being about Choices and Microsoft as being about dictating to us how we should think. If Linux taxes away our freedom of choice, what is the advantage of Linux?

Melissa Newman (melissa-l) said : #5

Not providing the ability to shut off the internet searches or choosing which web sites to allow or not allow searching from is a basic design flaw.

Then report a bug, it's that simple.

Ranting here changes nothing at all.

Chanchao (custom) said : #7

Can I just say I appreciate the handbags-argument? ;)

Also, we're talking Youtube, what's the worst thing it shows? ;) It's not like the lens mixes in xHamster results. :)

As a constructive comment, I think in general there's no obvious way for a developer to provide any kind of settings or preferences interface on how a lens behaves. That'd be a feature-request for Ubuntu/unity first and foremost.

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