How to change the background image?

Asked by jean-christophe manciot on 2019-11-04

Ubuntu 20.04
unity-greeter 18.04.0+19.10.20190921-0ubuntu1

I unsuccessfully tried to add into /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf:

I also tried to switch from unity-greeter to lightdm-gtk-greeter, but lightdm does not start anymore as reported here:

Any suggestion?

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Ubuntu 20.04 is not even in alpha. Report a bug. The release is not ready and not even remotely stable.

If you need an OS that works then I suggest you wipe 20.04 off and do a clean install of 18.04 which is also LTS

If you want to report bugs to get the OS ready for release in April next year then by all means use Ubuntu 20.04 but don't expect a smooth experience up to and even a few weeks after release.

It's prerelease....what did you expect?!

I did not expect anything.
My question is: is this the right way to try to change the background or not with unity-greeter?

There is the exact same behaviour with eoan.

Then please post on the bug you linked to sat that the bug is still present in the prerelease and it will be attended in time

There is no need to be rude.
My original question is still unanswered but it seems I'd better forget about it.

Thanks for your constructive proposal, but I tried to implement it without success on both eoan & focal.

What is even stranger is that the setting for the default "warty-final-ubuntu.png" which is always loaded as the background image for unity-greeter cannot be found in any *.css nor *.conf in /usr, /etc or /var.

I'm very surprised that no unity-greeter developer can answer that simple question.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #8

Are you talking about the background that is seen on the login page before any user has logged in, or are you referring to the background that is visible when a user is logged in and has locked the screen?

On my system the initial screen is not showing warty-final-ubuntu.png, but plain purple color (and I assume it's without noise, because the file noise-texture.png seems not to exist in the right directory).

The definitions for the background of the running system and for the user lock screen are not stored in *.css files, but in the dconf database - to be changed with system settings, see or the commands "gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri" and "gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.screensaver picture-uri"

Last line of you lates comment:

You cannot expect that the unity-greeter developers read these pages. Developers more work with bugs than with questions.

What you could consider is creating a bug report, something like
Topic: Offer an easy possibility to change the login (or lock?) screen background
Description: whatever you think is making sense in that context ...
Severity: wishlist

Either you're using gdm3 or another Ubuntu version than focal.
Also, I find it hard to believe that such a basic setting is not supported.
I'll try to switch back to gdm3 and try another greeter there.

As a matter of fact, gdm3 is masked and **cannot** be unmasked and enabled with systemd.
I ha

I have no idea how this is even possible.
So I'm forced to use unity-greeter, unless someone knows how to switch to another greeter without crashing lightdm.

I have just discovered slick-greeter which can have its background image configured and does not crash lightdm. in focal.

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