How do I install Ubuntu 10.04.1 netbook on my usb stick?

Asked by nickinkent

I have been trying to install 10.04 on my little Tosh nb100 netbook for a little while, it is a saga but I will spare you the story so far. I have got as far a downloading the ubuntu netbook version and it is siting on desktop directory along with unetbootin (I do not have, and could not find, startup disk creator).
I believe that I can make a boot disk, so to speak, of my usb stick. When I have achieved this I believe that I can install 10.04 on my hard drive and sweep every thing else away. I have one big problem, I don't know what I am doing. Another is that unetbootin does not open when it is clicked. I guess that is because it's not installed properly, but I don't know how to do this and things isn't like it describe on it's web page.
I have checked my download of ubuntu with MB5 and the sum is correct. What now? Can anyone advice me? In terms I can understand? Nick

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

You might want to download pendrivelinux from

It is much easier to use than unetbootin, and unetbootin is outdated.

Instructions are on the website as well.

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nickinkent (mrbumble) said :

Hi Marcus, thank you for your advice, but isn't that link for a linux installer that woks on windows? I had a quick look, I found the site confusing and I couldn't see a installer for ubuntu on a linux system.

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Here some general info on howto made a bootable usb stick with Ubuntu netbook remix on it...

- 1) Download ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso from

NOTE: to get best download errors check please prefer the torrent protocol to download the iso image

If you are using Windows, install Deluge torrent client:
if you are using Ubuntu you have already trasmission installed to manage the .torrents files (you can also install Deluge on Ubuntu).

The torrent protocol have good download errors checking, downloading using the http or ftp protocol may result with a file with errors in it.

- 2) (VERY IMPORTANT POINT) check the md5sum of downloaded iso image

if the md5 of downloaded iso image doesn't match with the md5sum on this page:

redownload the iso image again (please use the torrent protocol) or you are going to waste your time by try to install Ubuntu from a bad iso image.

( we must ALWAYS check the md5sum of downloed iso images before to burn it to a cd or to tranfert on a usb stick ) .

- 3) install and use unetbootin to put on the usb stick the md5 verified iso image.
     unetbootin works on Ubuntu and on Windows

- 4) boot your pc from the usbstick (you may need configure your bios) and install Ubuntu

New to Ubuntu: read the Ubuntu Manual, it's very informative:
Click on the "download Button" to download the latest PDF version.
The online help

Relax and fun: and Full Circle Magazine

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

what OS is your netbook running?

judging from what you wrote, you downloaded ubuntu onto your desktop computer that's running linux. is this correct?

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nickinkent (mrbumble) said :

Yes Marcus, your right, the os I am runnig is Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy).

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nickinkent (mrbumble) said :

Thank you marcobra for you comments. They are similar to an answer you gave me to an earlier question. They were very helpful an I managed to progress.
I did not manage to complete the task and I would be very grateful for more help from the wise sages out there.
I downloaded ubuntu 10.04 (torrent) successfully and the MD5 sum I checked and is correct. I now have the file in me desktop director along with unetbootin. Now, when I click unetbootin I get the message "Couldn't display "/hone/nick/Desktop/unetbootin-linux-471" There is no application installed for this file type". I guess that it is becuese it is not installed right, that does not surprise, I don't know how much.
So the big question is how can I move ubuntu-10.04-linux-i386.iso, type; rew CD image, to my ubs stick (I know how to do that, but.) and make it in the a Bootloader. Is it just an matter of tinkering with the bios? or does the iso image need changing in some way? I would be very grateful for some help as I don't want to be asking the same question when zealous zebra come out. Help, help. N.

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zvacet (ivicakolic) said :
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nickinkent (mrbumble) said :

Thank you zvacet for you help but I have seen that page and it mostly talks about install, using and booting from a USB stick that has a Ubuntu version on it. If only I could get I to that stage. What I really need help with is installing the Ubuntu image that is on my desktop, on to a USB stick (I do not have a CD drive on my little computer).
Now I would love help with this problem but please read the following first: I do not have usb disc creator on my installed on my computer and I could not find it in any repository. I have downloaded unetbootin on to my desktop too but when I click it it give me this error message; Couldn't display "/home/nick/Desktop/unetbootin-linux-471". I have tried, pendrivelinux on my window computer, the image I created on my USB stick did not do anything on my linux netbook and and came up with this error message on my win 7 laptop: syslinux 3.86 2010-04-01 eb105
no default or UI configuration directive found.
My netbook has 8.04 hardy installed. Thank you for all the help. Please read the deails in the message. N.

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Please open a terminal and type
cd $HOME/Desktop/

chmod 700 unetbootin-linux-471


or with nautilus double click on it

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