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Asked by Tom on 2009-08-13

HI :)

Can a wireless usb device be used as a wiifi receiver fairly easily? I have an O2's Ovation Mc930d and wondered if i can reasonably easily configure it to connect to the internet so that i can use the laptop in a wiifi hotspot, such as a pub garden (if it stops raining and if i can get my dad to go to a pub, neither of which seems likely)

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Tom :)

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arochester (arochester) said : #1

Googled: ubuntu O2's Ovation Mc930d

Look at "Ovation MC930D usb 3g modem WORKING" on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=942579

Tom (tom6) said : #2

Hi :)

Thanks Arochester but that seems to be just about getting normal broadband wireless working. I have a 3Gb/month limit and would prefer to use wiifi at a 'local' hotspot to do updates/upgrades and stuff like that.

Thanks so far tho! :)
Regards from
Tom :)

arochester (arochester) said : #3

I'm sorry, I did not understand.

I think that the dongle could be described as a mobile phone to connect to the phone service.

Does your laptop not have built in wireless?

You might be looking at using a different, wireless dongle. I use an MSI US54SE which just works...

Tom (tom6) said : #4

HI :)

No it's an old laptop and doesn't have wiifi built-in. I have a feeling that you are right and that i might need a 2nd device for wiifi but i just wondered if the more expensive device had the extra functionality in-built - it has an aerial and all the hardware required surely so i just thought it might possibly have both wiifi and wireless. It's not a blocker or anything, i just wondered - thanks for helping :) Your link helped me with getting the wireless working which is a different still currently unsolved question ;)

Thanks so far
Regards from
Tom :)

midnightflash (midnightflash) said : #5

It has been possible to do also WLAN/WiFi with a pcmcia-WWAN/UMTS-dongle by voodoophone. Did this ages ago under Window$ for a purchaser with no challange. Just pity... didn't try Linux/Ubuntu though... but Network-Manager has become really good at this.


Tom (tom6) said : #6

Ahh, my dongle is more of a wireless broadband usb stick if network-manager can help me use that as a wiifi device i would be impressed. I don't know anything about setting up the protocols for that.

Thanks for giving me a pointer tho Mid :) Do you know of any guides in the documentation here?
Regards from
Tom :)

midnightflash (midnightflash) said : #7

I went around for this a bit...
If the Device/s is/are known and supported by Linux... NM will show them all.
(except for some NM-versions in Ubuntu are quite buggy)


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