u1-windows: Synchronization error

Asked by Jens Friedrich

I'm getting on Ubuntu One Windows Client 2.0.1 the following error:
"File Sync error (local and server roots are different (ROOT_MISMATCH)"

Probably it's a language problem with my German installation?

Trying to sync from my Ubuntu PC (they are synced to the cloud) the following folders:

Windows Ubuntu One home directory path is C:\Users\[user]\Ubuntu One

Can anyone help me to get them synced and where?

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Natalia Bidart (nataliabidart) said :


The error ROOT_MISMATCH is not related to your German installation. It means that you have configured Ubuntu One to be used with 2 different accounts, and that can't be done under the same user account.

To solve this, you need to remove your Ubuntu One credentials (or remove the current device from the Devices tab, in the Ubuntu One Control Panel), and re-login with the username and password that you first used to login.

If you don't want to use the "original" account, but a new one, please contact our support team so they can guide you:



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Jens Friedrich (dj-jeff) said :

Hi Natalia,

does that mean, I can't share my files between Ubuntu Linux and Windows over the same account?
That would be a pity :( Normally, this should be the advantage of such a sharing system. Dropbox can also do this, why not also Ubuntu One?

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Natalia Bidart (nataliabidart) said :

Hello again!

Sorry I was not clear before. What I mean was that, for the same OS, and for the same user account in that OS, you can setup Ubuntu One to work with 2 different Ubuntu One accounts.

You can certainly setup your user under your Ubuntu installation to use your Ubuntu One account, and the same under the windows installation, but you can't have 2 different Ubuntu One account setup under the same user and the same OS installation.

Is it clearer now? :-)

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Jens Friedrich (dj-jeff) said :

Hope, i've understand you right.
Local User 'xyz' under your Ubuntu installation must be the same Local User 'xyz' under your Windows installation and they have to run under the same Ubuntu One account user 'abc'. Is that right?

If yes, than I've done all right and it doesn't work. User 'xyz' (exactly with the same upper and lower letters) is used under Ubuntu and under Windows. They have also set the same password.

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Natalia Bidart (nataliabidart) said :


The local username in each OS can be anything you want, the Ubuntu One account should match.

So, you can have a 'windows-user' under Windows, and a 'ubuntu-user' under Ubuntu, but as long as both use <email address hidden> as the Ununtu One account, the sync should work OK.

Going back to the error you reported, what I tried to explain it means is the following:

 * When syncdaemon reports the error ROOT_MISMATCH, it means that, under the same local account in the same OS, you have setup 2 different Ubuntu One accounts.

For example, let's say your windows local user is "jeff". While being logged in the "jeff" account, apparently you logged in or registered into Ubuntu One using a given Ubuntu One account, let's say "<email address hidden>". Then, you may have removed the device from the control panel or perhaps you revoked the tokens via web, or equivalent.
So, Ubuntu One may have ask you to login/register again, and seems like you used some other account different from "<email address hidden>".

Or perhaps, the same windows account was used by 2 different people, each one trying to setup Ubuntu One for their personal U1 account?

Anyways, in order to solve this, you should either use the "original" U1 account used to setup Ubuntu One, or you should follow a series of steps to reset the account and start fresh with a new one. For this last option, please contact the support team so they can guide you and avoid any issue.


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