I made the 386 desktop iso for 6.1, when I insert the dvd it is only a live cd. I want to do a full install on my hard drive. NO windows needed.

Asked by Floordog on 2008-02-03

I made an ISO for ubuntum 6.1 (it says its 6.06 after runnuing live cd?). I ran the ISo cd and found that it was only a LIVE CD. I want to run an ubuntu desktop by installing ONLY it on my hard drive. I have other computers for support if this crashes. The LSU Linux site says thet there is an install to Hard drive feature on the ubunti ISO when it runs. How do I do this. I know I must partition an format to other than FAT32 or NTFS. I received no instructions to do that from this live cd.

Please advise if I can install ubunu to my HDD (forgetting about windows which is already on it . I am running small MODT form factor, nothing unusual about my hardware.

Any help appreciated. After I get ubuntu installed I have two progams written for 6.06 that I want to install and run. I need network ability and software for Logmein TNC and No-ip DDNS services. Tjhat should nbe al;l Ineed so far---and maybe GAIM or somew type of email and instant messenger. I won't need modt the other app packages. I want a lean mean ubuntu OS machine with only the applications I mentioned.



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Robert Di Gioia (digioiar) said : #1


To install from the live CD, boot up from it, and there will be an icon on the desktop to run the installation program. Double click it and you're on your way.

BTW, if you're doing a fresh install, 7.10 is the current version. I'd recommend that you install 7.10 unless you have a specific need for 6.06...

Good luck

Floordog (info-megarecorder) said : #2

I only have LINUX type experience with PuppyOS. The application says Ubuntu 6.06 deb package----what will happen if I go to 7.1...will it still work?

Be sure your pc have at least 256 MB of RAM.

I think better choice for you is to download, burn at lower speed you can do (4x) and install the
Ubuntu alternate install cd iso image ( ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso ) you can download this cd from here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/

Here a burning howto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto

The Ubuntu 6.06 can be upgraded to 7.10.

Hope this helps

Floordog (info-megarecorder) said : #4

Okay guys and gals, now I know why few people migrate to Linux from WINDOWS. I explicitly followed instructions for installing Ubuntu 6.06, 6,1, 7.1, Kubuntu 6.06, PClinuxOS (minime, and Big Daddy), Mandriva 2007, Mandriva One, SUSELINUX 10.1, Fedora Core 6.0, Simply Mepis, Freespire, and on and on. NOT ONE OF THEM installed without either one of two problems. 1) they said YOU HAVE SERIOUS VIDEO problem (Ubuntu and Kubuntu) with NO SUGGESTED solutions. I tried all types of combinations from using F4 to set up my video card and monitor etc etc. OR I could get an excellent video at normal resolution (most Linux that I have seen only works with (640x480) and 64 colors UGH! HELLOOO! Or I get good video and NO Etho or network of any kind. PCLINUX BIG DADDY gets me 600x800 BIG WOOP DE DOO? and easily connects to the internet---just like 1991! SO ---I have tried Gnome and KDE desktops --it seems that NONE of these distributions/methods is "smart enough" to detect approprate video and/or network settings. What a shame. We almost deserve the pain from Microsoft for not being sharp enough to resolve the simple stuff---keyboards mouse resolution, networks, software installing and uninstalling.

If anyone REALLY knows how to get Ubuntu (Any Debian version) to run, please let me know. Please don't ask me how much RAM I have....that is not the problem. Oh and don't tell me to "google" the problem---only did that a few hundred times.

Hardware---NEW "LINUX COMPATIBLE" NO WINDOWS TAX---- Intel Core 2 DUO- model 7400 4mb L2 cache, 1 GB DDRII SODIMM, 150 GB SATA HDD, Intel 865 video chipset (about one year old technology). AOPEN mobo. MARKETERS Brag it runs on LINUX---but which one? 2 miniPC slots for LINUX WIFI with drivers---thats what is says?? I am really good at downloading and burning ISO's, partitioning and formating with the file system of your choice---- ONLY because NONE of the LINUX distros is smart enough to figure out my hardware. I get the idea that X sever won't work---but NONE OF THE INSTRUCTIONS ON INSTALLING GIVES ME XORG information---so back to ricky ticky 640x480 resolution.

My monitor is low budget el cheapo Viewsonic 23 inch 1680 x 1050. I really need much higher resolution than that - LCD panel display works with everything else including windows 98! It is not "kingsing sun happy family special" motherboard.

I have only spent about 20 hours on this, this weekend -- I could have wasted my time loading windows a few times instead. I guess the time is not ripe for LINUX---unless you have nothing else to do but babysit it. It reminds me of the old WIndows 3.1? At least that would support 600x800. If I can't get this PC working with any LINUX distro I will have to stop "bad mouthing" MACS and WINDOZE
for their monopolies. I know it will run PCDOS. LOL


peter b (b1pete) said : #5


Just take a look at


this is for ubuntu install using the ALTERNATE CD; for the LIVE CD install follow


hope this helps. good luck.

peter b

Ron G (pokerdog1) said : #6

I am certainly no genius when it comes to linux, or any other operating systems, but I can tell you that I downloaded the iso, burned it to a cd, and installed it on two pc's. It worked beautifully for me on both. One is only a few months old, and one is a rebuilt job from a place called computer core locally here. It is a Compaq EVO. After I ran Ubuntu for a week or so, on both, I put the disk in again, got rid of windows completely, on both, and haven't looked back. Ubuntu is now my ONLY operating system on both my pc's. The older one was so freaking slow at work with XP on it, I didn't even imagine how much faster it would be with Ubuntu. I can't answer your question, except to say, maybe you need to burn it again as a CD, and try again. IT IS TOTALLY worth it. I am 62 years old, with not much computer training, except what I have given myself, and I managed to get it done, so I am more than sure you will figure it out. I will NEVER use windows again. Don't give up. You will be very happy when you "get er done".

Ron G (pokerdog1) said : #7

Oh I forgot. I am using the latest version of Ubuntu 8.04, maybe this is the way you should go, it found and set up ALL my hardware on both old and new pc's. Good luck

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