Version ubuntu 12.04.2 - is already released?

Asked by daniel CURTIS on 2013-02-02


I have a question about update process from 12.04.1 version to 12.04.2 version. Yesterday I updated the kernel to the '3.2.0-37' version. Today, one package was updated: 'base-files:i386'. During this update system ask me what to do with '/etc/issue', and '/etc/' files. Also a new version of three files were installed; '/etc/lsb-release', '/etc/' and '/etc/os-release'. So, I checked with 'lsb_release' utility, which version of Xubuntu I have now.

,----[ lsb_release -a ]
| No LSB modules are available.
| Distributor ID: Ubuntu
| Description: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
| Release: 12.04
| Codename: precise

So, it seems, that I'm using 12.04.2 version, right? There is a one more question. According to launchpad overview page[1] new "Version 12.04.2 was accepted on 2013-01-31", so two days ago. Does anybody know if there will be some new updates for this version? What do you think? Updating a kernel and only one package, seems to be a little strange. In my case, it was something like that; kernel and one package update. For now, there was not any new updates.

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Ubuntu 12.04.2 is set to be released as a download on 2/14/13

The 12.04.2 release updates the LiveCD/installation media with newer packages (everything that's been updated since the 12.04.1 release). For those running Precise and keeping up with updates, they already have all of the updated packages, and don't need to do anything special.

So, to sum it up - just keep your packages up-to-date and you don't have to worry about what 12.04.x release you have.

I wouldn't get too hung up on version numbers. As long as you keep updating your packages you'll be fine

daniel CURTIS (anoda) said : #3

Hi Dave and Andrew. Frankly, I was expecting such answers, because I'm using Xubuntu 12.04 since beta 2, if I remember correctly. So I'll be kept updated all my packages and everything should be okay. Thanks for your answers.

Best regards!

daniel CURTIS (anoda) said : #4

Thanks Dave Lentz, that solved my question.