no gui for ubuntu server 12.10 noob question

Asked by damon shemo on 2013-01-08

I have a newer cheap nvidia card. Installing ubuntu server for first time to use as nas server. When I load ubuntu after initial installation it goes to the shell (cmnd line). What do i need to do to get the drivers installed so that it boots into the gui?(Assuming that is the problem) thanks!

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Adam Cajander (cajander1111) said : #1

Ubuntu server does not have a GUI by default. Use sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to install a desktop environment. you can also use , apt-get install xubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, or whatever one you want.

Adam Cajander (cajander1111) said : #2

By the way, a simple google search "Ubuntu server no gui" or "Ubuntu Server no desktop" brings up hundreds of pages that clearly state that Ubuntu Server comes with no GUI. I'm no expert any measure, I ask for help on Launchpad as well, but it doesn't take a programmer to do a google search. I always research my questions and try different solutions for at least a few hours before I ask for help. This would've taken you 10 seconds to figure out. Anyways, I just read that the folks at Ubuntu and most other authorities on the subject recommend on NOT having a GUI on Ubuntu, as it can cause security vulnerabilities, and a plethora of other issues. So unless you are just testing/experimenting with it then you probably shouldn't install a Desktop.

Here is the official documentation on the subject:

If you wanted a desktop OS, why didn't you install the desktop ISO. If you want a desktop I recommend you run:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

If the system is of low spec:

sudo apr-get install lubuntu-desktop

In future PLEASE install the desktop OS if you want a desktop OS. That's why it is named as such. There is no restriction on running server services on the desktop OS. The server OS simply doesn't run a GUI to make it boot faster and use fewer resources.

N1ck 7h0m4d4k15 (nicktux) said : #4

You can install ubuntu-desktop . It can be uses as a server too.

Ubuntu desktop can be found here:


Warren Hill (warren-hill) said : #5

Most people run a server without a GUI so the server addition comes without one. Most desktop users don't serve web pages so the desktop edition does not have a web server. The reason for this is both to save space and because the fewer tasks running on a computer the less likely it is to crash.

The good news is its all in the repositories so you can add whatever you need.

If this computer is predominantly used as a desktop machine then I would start with the desktop version and add the server parts needed. If its normally run unattended then I would start with the server edition.

If you tell us what you want to do we can advise what software you need, how to install it, and how to set it up.

damon shemo (damon928) said : #6

 I'm looking to set up a nas server for data and media. I would like to try ubuntu but have no experience with it. Thanks for the help.

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