Input Farsi / Persian on Latin keyboard

Asked by Dennis Schridde

I have a computer with a german keyboard (i.e. latin characters) and want to input Persian/Farsi characters. Since I do not know the Farsi keyboard layout very well, I would like to use an input method, that is able to transliterate latin phonetics to Farsi characters. I imagine pressing a magic key combination to switch into a compose-mode, and then typing something like "sh" to get "ش", or "p" to get "‏پ".

Is that possible with Ubuntu?

I tried to add Persian language support to Ubuntu (KDE Systemsettings / Regional Support / Language), but cannot figure out how to add an input method of the sort I described (I only find keyboard settings for the layout - which is not what I want to change).

Since I read on Wikipedia about IBus (and it being the default foreign input method in Ubuntu since a while), I tried to "apt-get install ibus ibus-qt4 ibus-m17n", and configured it according to [1] (using "Persian / Isiri - m17n" as the input method in ibus-setup). This allowed me to switch into Farsi mode using Ctrl+Space, but when I type, it just seems to have changed the keyboard layout to Farsi - I cannot combose the Farsi characters using a transliteration method as described above. I assume I am using the wrong IBus engine...?


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

You can use a keyboard indicator to switch easily

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Dennis Schridde (devurandom) said :

The keyboard indicator (I assume you mean the systray icon enabled by KDE Systemsettings / Input Devices / Keyboard / Layout) only allows to switch keyboard layouts. I do not want to switch the layout entirely to a regular Arabic keyboard layout, because I do not know it and have only latin (german) letters printed on my keyboard.


I found a page explaining how to do this for Arabic (using the Buckwalter keyboard layout) [1] - is there anything similar for Persian?


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Dennis Schridde (devurandom) said :

P.S: Buckwalter is also a bit weird. Most awesome would probably be something were punctuation characters would go untranslated, instead of having their positions changed to the positions on the arabic keyboard. Further, the Qalam romanisation / transliteration seems most appealing to me.

Please also note, that I am searching for a transliteration input method and not for transcription as I mistakenly wrote earlier.

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Dennis Schridde (devurandom) said :

I created a transliteration input method for m17n to solve my problem:

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Dennis Schridde (devurandom) said :

Maybe even more interesting: My conversion of abovementioned m17n map to an IBus-Table (with a few improvements):