For applications using simplified save dialogues, selecting a destionation through "Other..." saves to /HOME directory

Asked by emptythevoid on 2012-10-22

Certain applications, like DeVeDe or Openshot, use a simplified save dialogue box. From these simplified lists, the user is presented with some default directories to save in (Video, Desktop, Home, etc). Selecting any of these destinations from this menu works as expected. However, if the user wishes to save to some other location besides the ones suggested, they must click on "Other..." which displays the full, normal save dialogue. When this is used, it does not matter which directory the user chooses - the application will save to the /HOME directory.

I have tested this using DeVeDe on Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit (fresh install) and 12.10 32-bit (upgrade install). This *is not* a bug with DeVeDe, but it was the first application I found that was using the simplified save dialogue (and I also was able to reproduce this using Openshot, which does the same thing). If the application uses the normal save dialogue box, everything works as expected.

Please help me provide the information needed for this bug report. I do not know what package to file this against, or what other information that needs to be attached. It would also be helpful if someone can reproduce this. I have not filed a bug report because I did not know what to attach or what package to file against. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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emptythevoid (emptythevoid) said : #1

Here is a video demonstrating the problem using DeVeDe. I tell DeVeDe to export a video to my Desktop from the defaults menu, which works as expected. I then tell it to save it to my Desktop, but using the "Other..." menu. I would expect it to say that there's a file already there with the same name, and offer to overwrite it. Instead, it saves the file to my /Home directory.

samuel (samuel-h) said : #2

You should definetely file a bug report. For the information just put what you have put here and link the video, as for the package, I think you can just file one against ubuntu or ubuntu meta, as this seems to be a general problem with any app using that save dialog on ubuntu.

emptythevoid (emptythevoid) said : #3

Thanks very much. I'll try to get one up this evening.

emptythevoid (emptythevoid) said : #4

This is the

emptythevoid (emptythevoid) said : #5

This is the bug report, but they want a specific package to file against. Do you know what package would handle the folder/save dialogue boxes in Ubuntu?

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