You must have Windows flunkys working there !

Asked by Lynne Stevens on 2012-10-20

12.04 just pulled A wINDOWS piece of crap I removed the SD card from the slot as normal and the video went to shit !
What did you do to 12.04 TO CAUSE THIS ? . . and talk about SLOW geez 11.10 was faster than this . . From 10.10 I have always been able to Insert and Remove the SD card from the slot and NEVER cause so much as a blink in the video ! !
And now I have to turn the laptop off to remove it WTF gives . . I wonder about your group and if you have WINDOWS jerks doing weird things to Ubuntu so as to make people go back to MS crap ! . .
The List of stuff not working right is getting longer as the days go by with 12.04. ( only had it running for under 2 weeks now ) . . Better be fixing a hell of a lot of things in 12.10 !
As if it does not take care of the problems I have had I will dump out and go back to 11.04 or switch brands !

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

Please tell have do you have umounted the usb filesystem before to unplug the usb key ?
Please swith to unity-2d (choose it at login, click on the little ubuntu cirle icon) and try...

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Please lose the attitude

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Natty is EOL in less than a week, so reinstalling it isn't wise.

Did you use the safely remove feature on the SD card or did you just remove it?

If you find Unity slow then install xfce4 (to get the XFCE desktop) or lxde (to get the LXDE desktop). They will run sleeker than Gnome.

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Lynne Stevens (jackie40d) said :

Okay I have never done a SAFE remove or Unmount before this . . what is is xfce4 ? does not say in the package manger as to what it looks like . found it not bad looking might try it . . . And I had thought if i wait till the end and just before the next version came out most of the bugs would be gone . . Seems like a very bad Ideal . . Okay if I add Xcef4 does it show up on the start as a way to run Ubuntu like Gnome classic and Unbuntu or the 2d Unity choices do ?

Oh yeah it crashed under the 2d unity also screen went to a gob of code and I had no way of capturing it Or it would be here wonder if my camera would take the picture and add it to face book for you to see . .
I have 4 gig of DDR2 and use 256 megs for video in CMOS and has a 1.9 Gigahertz CPU

BUT nothing crashed in Natty and all the things which DO NOT WORK NOW, did work there ! . . And in 11.10 is where things started to go side ways like Screen saver was disabled and volume control was messed up . . haha and 12.04 is almost like windows what was it vista . . or a way back in time version just before XP . .

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samuel (samuel-h) said :

As already stated by actionparsnip please lose your atitude, you are being incredibly ignorant and childish (I as a 14 year old view you as this). You are making it incredibly difficult to help with your problem by constantlly insulting something which some of us devote quite a bit of time to. The "what did you do to 12.04" is ridiculous, it still uses xorg for the graphics, and still mounts drives in the same way as it did. Something probably broke in your update, canonical didn't just go "oh let's make this more unstable", and personally 12.04 seems to be one of the most stable releases yet. Please stop being insulting and let us try to help you.

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Lynne Stevens (jackie40d) said :

I do not have an atitude about it I was asking why it has gone so far wrong ? This is the 4th time I have allowed my laptop to be upgraded to 12.04 and the 4th time I have had MAJOR problems with it . . Is it just ACER laptops which have these problems or the ATI radeon video ? Ram is matching chips I have let it do a Ram check and it is ok let it check the Hard drive it is okay . . So that means something in 12.04 is not running as great as the versions before it .! . . . I have done the same upgrades via the net . . all 3 times Starting with 10.10 as I tried to start at 11.04 and it did not see the WiFI to load as it installed . . That is not something I did . . it is just what happenes . . I use WiFi to up grade at the Library since they have an 8 meg per line and downloading is like zip in under 45 minutes and installing takes like 2 hours plus . . I do not have Cable or Internet besides the Wifi . . when I put in 11.04 or 11.10 CD/DVD it did not see the connections and would not load except what was on the CD/DVD . . 12.04 was the same . . I have the CD's / DVD's of everythig from 8.04 that is how long I have been here . . before that it was a different version of Linux from Linux something dot org . . that is about 5 years ago I started with Ubuntu to get away from MS stuff . .
Some of us are not rich enough to afford Cable or Dish so that leaves WiFi . . If some had left their Phone open to be used via blue tooth I could do that . . But have not found any one doing so . .

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Before you unmount any removable drevice in ANY OS you must tell the OS you intend to do so, this is not an Ubuntu Oonly thing:

Windows Vista:

Windows XP:


You can damage storage devices as the device is not finally synced and unmounted properly. I suggest you shove the device in a Windows PC and chkdsk the device so that it is healthy, then safely remove it then plug it into Ubuntu.

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