computer freezes when streaming high end graphics in the evening

Asked by pjfbncyl on 2012-08-07

ok heres my REAL problem. (actionparsnip: Londoner but live in Ireland) For many reasons I had to run windows (w7 32 bit). OK until something goes wrong. Computa would freeze totally when streaming high end graphics. Movies, second life, etc in full screen happens in the evenings even in a small window. This only seemed to happen when the internet load was high e.g. in the evenings. Tried EVERYTHING, tested everything re installed all drivers etc etc except a complete re installation. Windows is such crap when it comes down to it. So I thought install Linux (had Ubuntu on my laptop and loved it). Love your support!

Installed Ubuntu 12.04. the same thing happens. Its gotta be a hardware problem hasn't it? Somethings broke. So asking you lot.

Ran hwinfo need the output? Is there a test program I can run in the background and do a load test? Trouble is when I freeze I lose everything.. Can only unplug the machine and reboot. Theres no one here I can call in. Can't afford to send it back to Dell (they would only re install windows anyway). I have 4 years very hard work on my computa so can't wipe it. My online gf has nearly left me and the cat is giving me funny looks....

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arochester (arochester) said : #1

If your computer is a Dell what MAKE and MODEL is it? How much RAM have you got?

Care to tell us what you are streaming?

It is well known that the Internet in the UK becomes slower in the evening because the US wakes up and logs on...

Does your computer have any difficulty in the morning?

Have you tested RAM using memtest in Grub?

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #3

Dell xps intel quad core 2.33 mhertz, 4 gigs ram, ati radeon 4600 streaming second life and movies from my site. trying grub

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #4

no difficulty in morning, installed Grub need command? memtest not recognised sorry ..need command line? am in Grub now

Its not a command, hold shift at boot and select memtest form there

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #6

ok hold shift at boot says grub loading but just boots into ubuntu start up choices.....oh gawd i feel so thick

arochester (arochester) said : #7

You might do a broadband speed test in the morning and evening to find out if you have less capacity...

e.g. or

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #8

yeah i can do a speed test but i have dsl, and it shouldn.t freeze the whole computa should just freeze the site i'm on or crash it only? must be a problem...

arochester (arochester) said : #9

If it consistently works in the morning and doesn't work in the evening it does look external.

While you say that you have 4Gb of RAM it might not all be working.

Not as rigorous as Memtest ---open a Terminal and issue the command: free
Copy and paste the result here please.

arochester (arochester) said : #10

Do you switch it on in the morning, leave it on all day and switch off at night? Overheating?

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #11

ok ran memtest. it failed on tests 3,5,6,3,4,4 and then hung on test 5 (moving blocks) (this doesn't surprise me, gut said RAM)

free gives me : pjfbncyl@ubuntu:~$ free
             total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 4058036 995316 3062720 0 54856 382340
-/+ buffers/cache: 558120 3499916
Swap: 4124668 0 4124668

Its not overheating I don't think, cleaned it out, fans etc and I've left the case off (most of my machines end up like that)

Then your RAM is faulty and needs replacing

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #13

thanks all will get on it

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #14

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