Can you provide a version that supports the official GUI when wxgtk is installed?

Asked by Gao Shichao on 2012-04-24

A friendly and familiar GUI will be helpful for newbies and who don't like memorizing commands. And since the upstream already supports it well. So I hope this package in Debian and Ubuntu should add GUI support and wxgtk as recommended dependency just like in archlinux. I don' t know how I can let this happen?

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I suggest you install Ubuntu, it is a nice friendly GUI for new users. I don't see an issue here. Can you rephrase the question.

If your users are new then Arch isn't great. It doesn't hold your hand so much as Ubuntu does.

Gao Shichao (xgdgsc) said : #2

I think you misunderstood my question. I ask the p7zip packager to package p7zip with GUI support as in the upstream. Since you can download the p7zip source package, you can see in it a folder "GUI" which is the official upstream GUI support. The GUI in p7zip provides several useful functions that neither File-roller nor Ark frontend support. So I asked if the p7zip packager can provide the upstream GUI like packagers in Archlinux did.

If you install p7zip it will be extractable via fileroller, you don't need a separate GUI

The functionality will simply need to be added to file roller. I suggest you report a bug wit file roller.

Gao Shichao (xgdgsc) said : #4

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.