Newbie Lost... A few problems adjusting to Ubuntu.

Asked by Sandi Sullivan on 2012-01-11

Ok, so the first thing is everything seemed fine until I installed Rhythmbox. The program works just fine but at the point after I installed it, when I click on Places, and say documents or any other folder other than computer, it opens Rythmbox. To obtain access to any folder, I have to select computer first, then browse the folders. When I uninstall Rythmbox, everything back to normal. I cannot find an area in Rythmbox that makes it point to my drive or which files to access or whatever. I have my playlist (music) in a folder and have pointed it to open this only, not the entire drive but this weird thing happens. It also behaves like this when I install VLC.

Second. I have installed wine in order to access Kindle. I do not understand this program very well and can not get used to it as whenever I play with it or try to install something I get this error:
                    The program Kindle.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. Sorry blah blah.
                     This can be caused by a problem in the program or a deficiency in Wine. You may want to check for tips about running this app.
And yes I visited this site and just got lost. I am not familiar with the terminal at all.

I found in forums that perhaps my video card drivers needed updating because of slow flash problems, went to the ATI site but cannot understand how I am to execute the file I downloaded ( I asked it to find and install). I can see it when I go into wine but do not know how to 'execute' it.

I have Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat (stand alone: I was unsure whether or not I was to have windows on my system too but I don't and nor do I want to, I liken windows to having the plague), a sony laptop AMD Athlon II dual core 320gb hd. If you need to know anything else you will have to tell me how to find it.

I AM A NEWBIE. I do not understand fully the 'sudo' commands etc and I get lost in here very easily. I have installed things from the package center and the software center and cannot find where they went also.
PLEASE BE GENTLE..... and have patience.

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Sandi Sullivan (sandi-sully) said : #1

PS: I have uninstalled Wine and re-installed to try to correct problem but still same prob.

Nathan Heafner (nathan1465-5) said : #2

hello Sandi

If you want to, there is a great application in the Ubuntu software center called Calibre that can access and manage your Kindle. I think that you will find that this application will work better than using Wine.

IF you are using Ubuntu 11.10, you can check your version here , after you install applications you can search for them from the Unity Dash.
please see

using the terminal to install applications and troubleshoot is an alternative to using the GUI applications and tools already built into Ubuntu. You can use Terminal to do just about anything.

sudo gives you admin rights temporarily

in rthymbox you can click on Edit > Preferences > Music > Library location to choose your folder where you music is located.

welcome to Ubuntu

Sandi Sullivan (sandi-sully) said : #3

Thank you for your reply Nathan,:

I have checked the location of the folder in rythmbox and it is indeed pointed to my music folder only. I still have the problem of it 'hijacking' my places/folders selection.

I have Ubuntu 10.10.

I will check out Calibre and see if this solves the kindle problem. To un-install wine, do I just remove it from within the software center? Will this remove all of it?

I have looked over the 'Using the Terminal' link you posted, thank you and will (ahem) endeavour to learn as much as I can. It has been about 25years since I used any DOS commands so this is a total re-training exercise for me.

I am also checking out Unity Dash.
I will return with my findings to let you know.

I really would like to fix the problem with opening my folders directly from the 'places' menu, it's not a huge problem but a pissy little one that gets in the way.

Thanks, will get back to you soon.

Sandi Sullivan (sandi-sully) said : #4

I can only assume that Unity Dash works in Ubuntu 11. I have 10.10. I don't have a problem accessing programs that 'install themselves' it's the one s that I download a link for.

I installed Calibre and seems to be ok so far, thank you.

Any ideas on how to upgrade my video drivers? I downloaded a link from the ATI site and it is an .exe file even though I selected the Linux version but I did the 'auto detect'. I can access Wine and Wine Tricks but I don't know how to 'execute' it. If I right click on the file and select 'open with wine' or 'open with wine windows program loader' nothing happens.


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