VENT: When are they (Canonical) going to Stop stripping out functionality from Ubuntu Linux?

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VENT: When are they (Canonical and Open Source 'Partners') going to Stop stripping out functionality from Ubuntu Linux?

I started with Canonical's Ubuntu with version 12.04 LTS ,shortly after they fist implemented UNITY. And as such became thoroughly accustomed to having and using it.

Then in the transition between 12.04LTS and 14.04LTS they stripped out the native support for the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet which I use in lieu of a Mouse. Forcing us to have to use XOR commands to recover 'Touch Pad Relative' Mouse Cursor Speed. Apparently, Upon realizing this, they began phasing out a good many XOR commands.

Eventually I transitioned to 16.04LTS (The Removal of native support for the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet was Never Resolved). Then in late February Mozilla Updated their (Ubuntu Default) Firefox Browser so that IT WOULD NOT FUNCTION with anything LESS than 3 to 4 GB of System Ram. This Eliminated the possibility of having a Functioning OS and Full Browser for any hardware Limited to 2GB or less. (Which, although I personally do not use one, Includes the majority of most SBC's on the market).

Then WineHQ Decided to 'Move their Repository' WITHOUT SIMPLY MIGRATING EXISTING USERS TO THE NEW REPOSITORY." Forcing us all into the situation of having to UNINSTALL all of or Hundreds of Wine Dependent Applications and then reinstall ALL OF THEM from scratch: A good many of my own 32 BIT - WINE dependent applications have upwards of 15 to 20 full typewritten pages of SETTINGS Each taking a good deal of Months of time to Implement and fine tune adjust accordingly. They could have simply Migrated us to the new Repo.. But Nooooooo!! They Insisted to NOT.

And now I see a YouTube Review of Ubuntu Linux 19.04: Stating that Canonical will no longer be supporting ANY 32 bit Linux Version. - THAT SPECIFIC USEFULNESS IS WHAT WE ARE USING UBUNTU LINUX AND WINE TO RUN!!!!

Today: Ubuntu did Thirteen "UPGRADES": After which I started seeing my mouse cursor in the GIMP application being irrecoverably REPLACED SYSTEM WIDE with Thumbnail Graphics Images rather than the mouse cursor. Requiring a full REBOOT each time to get back to a Functioning Mouse Cursor rather than the Thumbnail Image Replacement
of it. Further, After these upgrades, I began to see the Entire Ubuntu Desktop GUI going to nothing but a BLACK SCREEN every time I tried to view YouTube Videos that some Political Hacks might not agree with.. Etcetera.

So, When are they (Canonical and Open Source 'Partners') going to Stop stripping out functionality from Ubuntu Linux to the users?

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Snooper (ghos282) said :

Missing Detail the Elimination of UNITY with Ubuntu 18.04LST

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Snooper (ghos282) said :

Correction LTS

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

You don't have to use Ubuntu if you dislike it. There are other distributions you can use.............

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

The WineHQ repository is NOTHING to do with Ubuntu or Canonical. That is down to the WINE team.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

There are distributions supporting 32bit architecture still. A low end 64bit CPU and board will not set you back much at all. Yes in an ideal world both would be supported but it doubles the workload as both architectures need supporting in every single way.

Maybe use this as a catalyst to upgrade your ancient kit. Desktop 64bit CPUs have been around for absolutely ages now......

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Snooper (ghos282) said :

Rant Continued: Does ‘Big Tech’ Work for the ‘Globalist Socialists’ and ‘The Anti-Christ’?: When I see a Repeated Pattern of them using Operating System Updates and Upgrades do everything which they can possibly think of to Intentionally Disable or Destroy (Including the ability to properly and Fully Boot in a Virtual Box as ‘Guest’,) the Functioning and Capabilities of the Operating Systems (of those that they disagree with Politically).. I would say the answer is positively YES! (As is Affirmed by their Totalitarian, FASCIST actions upon and against others).

What do you think a very good many Ubuntu Linux Users Use their [32 bit] Ubuntu Linux Desktop Operating System For?? To run Hundreds of 32 Bit Wine Dependent Applications In Wine: Such as Older Retro Games as well as Hundreds of Other Applications. REMOVING 32 BIT UBUNTU DESKTOP SUPPORT INTENTIONALLY RENDERS UBUNTU LINUX COMPLETELY USELESS FOR ALL OF THOSE WHICH USE UBUNTU LINUX FOR THESE TYPE OF APPLICATIONS. This is UNJUSTIFIED

Well, Most ARM based Single Board Computer's (SBC's) do not even have enough On-Board RAM to even run a Full-Fledged LINUX Operating System, And FULL Mozilla Firefox Browser (Which since their Late February 2019 Update Now Requires a Minimum of 4GB JUST TO RUN THE BROWSER). And the SBC's On-Chip Graphics Functions are Abysmal, especially for Good Graphics Display such as you may need for 'Gaming' Or real time (Youtube) Video Playback. ..The Current Best of the lot, and resultantly the Highest Priced, would be this:

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

It is justified. Supporting more architectures takes more man power. There are 32bit Linux distributions. Use those.

You are achieving nothing here

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