September 01, 2017 update causing Firefox browser to Crash all tabs is there a fix for this?

Asked by Snooper on 2017-09-01

September 01, 2017 update from 16.04'0-92 LTS to 16.04.0-93 LTS causing Firefox browser to Crash all tabs is there a fix for this?

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Snooper (ghos282) said : #1

Now a new problem. As of the September 01 Ubuntu Update from 16.04.0-92LTS to 16.04.0-93LTS Ubuntu -93 crashes All Firefox browser Tabs if even only the One Main Tab. Without a known fix yet, I am having to use the older -92 version in order to post this. Hold down SHIFT key on reboot and selecting Upstart of older 16.04.0-92 version in order to have a Working version of Firefox Browser 55.0.2 (32 bit)

(As for my previous Hard Drive Connection issues: I have cleaned the ATA133 connector pins with Isopropanol (which seems to have stabilized the connection issues for now), and am awaiting an order of DeOxIt, as well as new replacement cables.)

If you rename the ~/.mozilla folder (I assume you don't use Thunderbird for email) does it work OK?

Snooper (ghos282) said : #3

when Ubuntu's DEFAULT Firefox browser still works with OLDER versiosn of Ubuntu..
Why should we DESTROY IT? AND ITS PREVIOUS OPERABILITY?? All I want at this point, is for Ubuntu's DEFAULT BROWSER to ACTUALLY FUNCTION with Ubuntu, WITHOUT ITS ABILITY TO FUNCTION BEING DESTROYED BY CANONICAL AND THE UBUNTU DEVELOPERS, which obviously did not check for Interoperability BEFORE the most recent September 01, 2017. Update Release.
--So, Can we instead have the SENSIBLE SOLUTION and get a FIX to this update that RESTORES operability of UBUNTU'S DEFAULT Firefox Browser???

Did you try my solution?

Try being less melodramatic

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #5

I am not aware of any update with a name similar to "from 16.04'0-92 LTS to 16.04.0-93 LTS" on or around September 1st, 2017.

See also

Can you please re-check what update that might have been that you blame for your problems?

The only package with a version that looks a bit similar is the linux kernel package where a current xenial system should have 4.4.0-93.116 installed; that update was published on August 28.

Snooper (ghos282) said : #6

Hi manfred, The update numbers as given are the way they are described by the Selection menu when you hold down the SHIFT key at start up and then select one of the
Upstart' options as displayed on that menu. It indeed was the update released the morning of September 01, 2017. And all Browser tabs of the Firefox browser will not connect to any web site including this one when using it. instead it will merely display a message that the browser tab has crashed no matter how many times a person selects the option to 'reload that tab'.
Rather than getting Defensive about it., How about fixing this 'failure of interoperability' issue which that update is causing?

Snooper (ghos282) said : #7

You may or may not have received much feedback concerning this very real issue. After all, how can anyone report it when their Firefox browsers are rendered inoperable for connecting to any web site including this one??

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #8

My system does not show numbers like "16.04'0-92 LTS" or "16.04.0-93 LTS".
I wonder what you have installed on your system.

Snooper (ghos282) said : #9

Manfred I have a supposedly clean install of 14.04 LTS which was then 'Upgraded' to 16.04 LTS without problems.
(I have since this upgrade researched a bit and have managed to Reuse one of my 4GB Pen Drives to create a Bootable Install drive of Ubuntu 16.04.3 --although I still need to keep the Bootable 14.04 thumb Drive on hand, because 16.04 in Live mode will Not Force a manual sudo fsck /dev/sda1/ when the 14.04 Live Pen drive Will.) --The Most Recent Update as of the morning of September 05, 2017. Seems to have SOLVED the Firefox Browser Crashing All Tabs when attempting to connect to any web sites Issue. -- Thank You Canonical for resolving this issue.