while living in France I need to access the official documentation in English, how can I do that

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I live in France, but I need to access the English version of the official documentation for English friends of mine who live in France too.

https://help.ubuntu.com/ : this page is in English

https://help.ubuntu.com/13.10/index.html : this page is also Ennglish

Then when I click the Ubuntu desktop help link (https://help.ubuntu.com/13.10/ubuntu-help/index.html) it turns to French language.

I can't see any possibility on these pages to choose the Language.

Thanks for your help, my English friends do not speak French very well.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Do all browsers do this?

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alphascorpii (burelbruno) said :


I've tried with Firefox and Google Chrome, result is the same : the page
is in French, and when navigating in the documentation it's all French.

My version of Ubuntu is the 13.04 64 bits, and it's up to date.

I've tried to delete cookies with no result.



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> Do all browsers do this?

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Mark Rijckenberg (markrijckenberg) said :

I suggest using the guides here:


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :
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Sumeet kumar (sumeetgehi) said :

just copy the link and paste it in to the following link & choose language you want to translate


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alphascorpii (burelbruno) said :

Hi everybody, thanks for your anwers.

To Sumeet Kumar :

I think that what you propose to me is to translate with Google a French page in English, while the French page is, I suppose originally the translation of an English page.

Did you ever try to use Google to translate something ? I do, and this is awful, really.

To andrew-woodhead666 :

Thanks, but it is not a google problem, I'm not searching a page I just follow a link which drives me to a French page when I am on the Ubuntu Official Documentation page, in English.

To Mark Rijckenberg :

Well, thank you, that may be a good alternative for my friends and I think that we'll use it.

But it's still a mystery to me : why can't I choose the language I need ? I suppose that the server localize me in France, and that is true, but it does not involve that I speak French or that I want to read a French page.

Suppose that I'm Turkish not speaking a word of French, travelling in France, and I need to access this doc on my laptop. No way to get it in English or in Turkish ?

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Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

As far as I know, the help pages are automatically displayed in your preferred language. And the language preferences are not taken from the location, but from the language settings in the internet browser program.

See http://www.davidpbrown.co.uk/help/how-to-set-browser-language.html

You might try setting English as first language in your list, and French as second.

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alphascorpii (burelbruno) said :

Hi Manfred

This is it !

I've already tried this solution without success, and the reason was that I had the following languages in Firefox's list:

1 - French [fr]
2 - English [en]
3 - English/USA [en/us]

At first I've tried this order : [en],[fr],[en/us] and I still had the page I was looking for in French

As your message said that it was this parameter which is important, well, I've tried again and with [en],[en/us],[fr] it's ok

So thank you very much, problem is solved.

Thank you to all of you for your help