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Asked by Hillbilly Fisher on 2010-05-10

Binary package hint: ubuntu-docs

I'm pretty much computer illiterate but here goes. I tried to update to 10.01, but all that displays on my screen is the black screen asking for user name and password. i enter that and I seem to be in a terminal type program that must have access to ubuntu. I think I messed up because I was using a wireless connection during the download and I think it may not have completed the entire download. can anybody explain my alternatives?

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Leo Arias (elopio) said : #1

This is not really an issue, but a question. Converting...

Leo Arias (elopio) said : #2

How did you download the file? And what did you do after downloading it?

Hillbilly Fisher (kb0viy) said : #3

I downloaded it by wireless as an update. i think I lost the signal during the download though. The screen now just shows a black screen in which it shows my name@my name laptop> If I log in as I used to, and enter my password, it brings up a terminal type screen. I haven't been able to do anything else. If I go to shut the computer down though. you briefly see the ubuntu screen as it would be loading right before it shuts off. If I log back off the screen shows: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS don-laptop tty1 if this helps.

Thanks for the help.

Leo Arias (elopio) said : #4

If you have access to the terminal (the black screen), then you can try to perform the upgrade from there.

First it would be easier if you connect it to the internet with a wire.
Then log in with your user and password, and type:

sudo aptitude update

and press enter. It will ask your password, so type it and press enter. Just note that the characters you type are not going to be displayed. When it finishes, type

sudo aptitude upgrade

Hillbilly Fisher (kb0viy) said : #5

Looked like everything was working, then computer stopped with this:

GRUB loading stage 1.5.
Grub loading, please wait...
Error 15

It doesn't do anything from here. Now what?


Hillbilly Fisher (kb0viy) said : #7

Computer will not let me boot up from disk and it seems to lock up. Without disk. it locks up with the afor mentioned test. With disk, it locks up with an X in the middle of the screen.

Leo Arias (elopio) said : #8

You will have to be more specific with your problem.
When booting from the cd, you should see a purple image while it loads with a stick figure. Can you see it? As soon as you see the stick firegure, press the space bar and you will see have to choose a language. After that, you will see a menu and you should check CD for defects.
And if the CD has no defects, you can select the first option of the menu to start ubuntu on live cd mode.

Where in those steps is your problem?

Leo Arias (elopio) said : #9

sorry, I marked the question as answered by mistake.

Hillbilly Fisher (kb0viy) said : #10

I checked for defects and it found none. I did as you wrote to start as live cd, and all i get is the the x in the middle of the screen.

Leo Arias (elopio) said : #11

Well, I don't know what does the x mean. You can add another question to ask about it.

And, as the ubuntu livecd didn't work, I guess that the second easiest thing you can do to recover grub is to use super grub live cd.
You can download it from:

This is not so easy, so in case of doubt, you better add another question.

pura vida.

Hillbilly Fisher (kb0viy) said : #12

Well, this time it's doing something different. I now have an arrow (for the mouse) so I'm going to let it run and see what happens before I do anything else. I think that it's going to run very slow I guess. Thanks for all your help too.

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