Installing Ubuntu 8.10 where you want it

Asked by Colin Campbell on 2009-03-05

Hi everyone. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 8.10 alongside Windows XP, but am having difficulty installing it. I originally had a partition ready for it, and a swap partition, but Ubuntu had other ideas. I've tried deleting the partitions too but the Ubuntu installer/ partitioner seems to want to install the OS at the hard drive, and only there. I think this might be because my hard drive, Ubuntu aside, is already partitioned

Any ideas, anyone? (And try to keep it simple, I'm no expert!)

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Simone Cianfriglia (crimer) said : #1

You have to select the manual partitioning to choose how assign root and swap partitions.

Colin Campbell (colthedrummer) said : #2

Yes Crimer, thanks, I tried it but still couldn't get it to install where I wanted. I've got C: which is Windows, D: is the DVD drive, E: for program files for both OS and F: for my data. I created the Linux partitions between C & E, but I can't get Ubuntu to install there.

peter b (b1pete) said : #3


in win just create some unallocated space (NO PARTITIONS) say min 10gb on any of the HD ; this space will be picked up by ubuntu and identified as FREE SPACE; in this free space you create with ubuntu partitioner min 2 partitions - one is / the other swap. that's that.

hope this helps.

peter b

peter b (b1pete) said : #4

or, if you want use ubuntu live CD and shrink a win part to create FREE SPACE then create partitions for ubuntu with its partitioner. the following url will show you how

peter b

blackwolf13 (shadowsstuff) said : #5

sounds like you want 5 total partitions.
you can only have 4 primary partitions on any given hdd.
to have 5 partitions you will have to have 3 primary and when you create the logical partition it will become #4
now withing that logical partition you can create as many partitions as you like.
this can be easily accomplished with the live cd's partition editor.

Colin Campbell (colthedrummer) said : #6

Blackwolf, do you mean I should expand my Windows partition in order to give the Ubuntu room to take for itself? Actually that's making sense now I think about it. I'm off for a look at your website first Peter, before I get carried away! Thanks guys.

Colin Campbell (colthedrummer) said : #7

Well I installed Ubuntu and then tried moving the partitions around using Partition Magic via Windows. The system became unbootable, and I've now gone for a complete fresh start with the OEM recovery supplied with my computer, then while there was only one partition I installed Ubuntu. So far so good, but I reduced the size of the Windows partition and resized the Linux partition to follow on immediately after Windows, and it's working, but now I can't reduce the size of the Linux partition, and it's currently occupying most of the drive. Any ideas guys?

blackwolf13 (shadowsstuff) said : #8

//boot from the Ubuntu cd let it load up the live cd.
//while in the live cd start the partition manager under administration.
//right click and unmount all the partitions listed in the bottom half of the window (except for the swap [that is locked and in use by the live cd])
//click the move/resize button at the top while you / partition is selected and it gives you a nice slider bar to shrink the partition. [if you get an error message not allowing you to do this it is still mounted]
//do the same for the windows partition to expand it.
//go to bed
//reboot and all should be good.

Colin Campbell (colthedrummer) said : #9

Thanks blackwolf but I think I'm going to give it a miss, for now. I want to be free of the shackles of Windows one day, but I can't just jump ship and switch across overnight, and for now I'm tired of formatting and re-installing every time. Now on 3rd re-install in a week! As much as I'd like to be able to dip the proverbial toes, I need to use the computer as well, not just check every half-hour or so to see if the format's finished yet. Thanks everyone