Feature request: Adding a feature to Ubuntu live cd

Asked by subliminalfix on 2008-03-17

hey if this is already covered sorry ...

as a noob now loading this system 20+ times or so to try to keep a clean plant or add hardware or being unable to remove grafted

kernel and more ... anyway i thought it may be neat to add something to the live cd that would allow you to install it with the options that you choose

as you examine the system applications and synaptic settings

in other words you could tailor make your configuration to be installed when you actually boot

instead of after the install which may be confusing or frustrating for some people who think they have already done this using the live user example

i would love to help on this project but i am without the skills to code

so hope that brainstorm helps

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Bhavani Shankar (bhavi) said :

Hello again...
Yes You can set your options while installing ubuntu from an alternate CD which comes with a text based installer..

Moreover when the system requirements are drafted, the OS or any software is TESTED out on the system itself and minimum requirements are drafted..

and while using Live CD also if you run into any problems.. You can edit various parameters(of the kernel) and make the Live CD work..

For example:
when the boot choices come up, push F6 and add these to the end of the line so it will look like:

....quiet splash noapic acpi=off irqpoll

To run ubuntu live CD on older systems in some cases...

So you can edit and enter the required parameters to make ubuntu Live cd work..

Hope it helps

Bhavani Shankar.

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subliminalfix (na1tr2lp-deactivatedaccount) said :

right well the line command i may try just to learn a bit and play around .

what im suggesting is for people who are very computer illiterate a way to incorperate the

settings directly from the live cd. in example i have tried to load certain options out of synaptic

 and then yes the live user does run as such . but to install the system as i have selected

would be a real trick because as soon as im going to the install your going to get your

interactive loading steps 1 to 7

i think the program is great the installation runs smooth

it seems maybe for those who just wanted minimal to make ther own really sleek node

or some one who doesnt want to reenter every setting they have tried again

or someone who thinks they have installed there settings

this option would be helpful

so in short i guess i need to post a question on how to custumize installation so i can learn more

and secondly the alternative cd would mean preinstallation configuration and using two drives cd dvd?

could you please illaberate on that secongd point

peace =]

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subliminalfix (na1tr2lp-deactivatedaccount) said :

the actual feature would be a display of some sort

for example

in a tab or popup

"would you like to continue with these settings and install bonotu"

peace =]

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Andrea Corbellini (andrea.corbellini) said :

Thank you for your idea. I've reported this on our bug tracker, which is the best place to suggest features.

Question linked to bug #203977.

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subliminalfix (na1tr2lp-deactivatedaccount) said :

thank ubuntu team or launchpad discussion . i have noted this and added some ideas for solution

i would love to help in the future if possible. in specific to the bug reply this feature is

currently available in many other linux/unix/minux programs. allowing an option for package

support should not make the system weaker but should enable a more stable and

exact plant

peace =]

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Jim J (morlockhq) said :

Is this one solved. It appears to be. Please choose Solved My Problem in order to remove this question from the Open questions searches on Launchpad.


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