Uninstall Ubuntu Server

Asked by Michael on 2014-09-21

I am trying to uninstall Ubuntu server by reinstalling windows server 2008 r2. All my drives are missing with an exception of a new drive (X:) with very little space. Windows will not install because of "missing" drivers, which I cant access in (c:) - is this because of encryption?

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How is installing Windows an Ubuntu issue in any way at all?

Michael (michaelsskuczas) said : #2

Maybe I should rephrase the headline.... Again... I'm trying to uninstall Ubuntu and all the forums I have read here say to install another OS to overwrite the MBR... Obviously this doesn't work with an encrypted drive. Maybe I gave you too much detail.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #3

No matter what OS you are going to install, that OS should be able to completely wipe a hard disk to remove any remnants of another operating system. Knowing that a disk partition is encrypted requires reading the data and interpreting the contents of that partition. This is something that I would not expect to be done when you want to reformat the whole drive.

Please ask in a Windows support forum how to tell the Windows installer to use the whole disk. We don't know.

I see one option where we can help: You create an Ubuntu installation kit, boot into that medium in the 'try Ubuntu without installing' mode, and use disk management tools to delete the partitions from the hard disk.

Yes, so delete all partitions in the Windows installer, then install Windows.

If a user is having an issue installing Ubuntu and Windows is presently installed, would you post on an Ubuntu forum, or a Windows forum?

Michael (michaelsskuczas) said : #5

Thanks Manfred... That is what I was trying to do, however the two OSs I was installing wouldn't which brought me to ask here.

Windows isn't on the server it was an example of what I was trying to do to write over the encryption. I even tried red hat.... At that point I thought I would ask if there was a different way to uninstall Ubuntu, maybe I was doing something wrong in the way I was trying to uninstall. - no reason to get all upset because I mentioned another OS. If you don't like your job, don't do it.