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Asked by Shabi on 2014-07-20

While updating to ubuntu 14.4 my windows 7 together with all files were deleted. Is there a way to recover them?
How is it possible that when I was asked if I wanted to overwrite the previous version of ubuntu (12.10) it actually formatted the whole hard drive and merged all my partitions?
There was no warning whatsoever about that!
I had important files for my job on the windows partition while nothing I needed was in the prevous version of ubuntu, therefore when asked if I wanted to overwrite ubuntu 12.10 I thought it was not going to be a problem to say yes.
I already checked with Gparted and my three partitions were merged into one which is now all empty apart from the new ubuntu installation.
Please do not tell me it is important to backup files, because I know that, however I was not able to do so, however, I added many new data that is of vital importance to me.

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So you have a job and they won't give you or you couldn't buy a cheap USB drive for backups? I find it very hard to believe.

What if you only ran Windows and the drive mechanically failed? Where is your "important" daya.

Think about it. Why do you think companies do a nightly backup to tape?

Shabi (hishabi17) said : #2

Thanks about the constructive answer and help. Maybe people cannot backup nightly because they are not companies, maybe I haven't got a full backup because I have been temporarily away from home and don't have a hard drive.. This still does not explain how any program/OS or anything would have an option to wipe out and format completely a computer without specifying it or warn the user. I assume, also looking at previous questions of the same kind that no one will help but only waste time criticizing me.

Shabi (hishabi17) said : #3

I guess I'll go and pay to get back what can be restored , if anything

Yes and compare that to the price of a 500Gb USB drive. ... big difference

Before making massive changes to your system you should run a full backup in case of catastrophe. Especially if the data is needed for work purposes. It's just good practice.

Yes the updater should have not removed the other boot but you have made no effort at all to safeguard your data.

You have learned the value of backups the hardest way possible.