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Asked by Goli on 2014-06-24

When installing Kubuntu, I was using an English keyboard, but changed it to a Canadian French Multilingual one for after installation. I used the symbol: "^" in my password when using the English keyboard, but cannot enter the symbol using the French keyboard. I am now locked out of my User, and cannot change settings, as I have no access to an administrative account, only being able to enter into the Guest user. I have figured out which key I can use to type the "^" symbol on my French keyboard, but on the log-in, this key offers no symbol, unless I press the shift key (thus changing the outputted symbol). I don't know how to hack the latest kubuntu (14.04) which I have installed, and I don't know how to pull that symbol out of thin air!

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Use that guide and you can reset your password.

Goli (golbahar-poirierm) said : #2

I reinstalled the kubuntu! too bad, this is a good link :)
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> Use that guide and you can reset your password.
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Goli (golbahar-poirierm) said : #4

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.