Ubuntu 13.04 has no Wubi Installer on it and that is a big problem for windows users

Asked by Dibakar Bose on 2013-06-26

Upto Ubuntu 12.10 has wubi installer with it which is actually available for download but 13.04 has nothing on it.It creates a big problem for the windows users.From the next version please add the Wubi Installer so that windows user like us doesn't face any problems.I will be very grateful.Thank you.

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Just resize your NTFS (Win7 can resize it's own partitions). Once you have free space, install Ubuntu to it.

Why is the lack of Wubi an issue? Wubi is a poor solution and is not a longgood choice for term installations. It is intended as a try before you buy. I advise users do not use Wubi. It is very fragile and issues are harder to resolve than a real install.

Dibakar Bose (write2diba) said : #3

I have seen the steps but for some reasons when I was installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 it was giving some error.This was after step 5 in http://askubuntu.com/questions/1366/how-can-i-install-ubuntu-without-removing-windows...It was showing some partition error which I don't remember exactly but it led me to install 12.04 using wubi installer.Using wubi installer i had no problem.

Can you tell me at least how much size of the partion is required to install Ubuntu 13.04 successfully?

I suggest you chkdsk your NTFS partition as well as defragment it. You can then use Windows disk manager to resize the NTFS partition and make unallocated space. Boot to the Ubuntu install CD and install to the freed space.

Dibakar Bose (write2diba) said : #5

Why should I make Unallocated space? Are you suggesting to make a new partition? I really didn't understand that much. :(

To install Ubuntu to, NTFS is not suitable to hold Linux type file permissions so you need to make freed space that the installer can make into an ext4 partition (as well as swap) and install to. I recommend a mimimum of 10Gb.

Dibakar Bose (write2diba) said : #7

Ok,I understand now.I will try to install 13.04.

Tell me one thing.When I will install Ubuntu do I need to specify the format of the partition as ext4 or the installer will change the partition format itself?

The target behind Ubuntu is to bring Linux to the non-technical so there is a lot of hand holding. Just read the screen and you will be ok. The installer can setup the partitions for you.

Dibakar Bose (write2diba) said : #9

Thank you for your cooperation.I will try to install it next time with much amount of free space.Let's what happens. :)