How to install with Full-Disk Encryption alongside Windows

Asked by Aaron Whitehouse


I wanted to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 and use Full-Disk Encryption. I cleared free space on the disk for the Ubuntu install so that there was the Windows partitions and then a large amount of free space.

What I expected to happen was that I could choose to install alongside Windows 7 in an encrypted LVM partition. Then if I choose Windows, it boots as before, but if I choose Ubuntu, it asks for the password to decrypt the partition and then works as normal.

If I select "Install alongside Windows 7", the checkboxes for "use LVM" and "encrypt disk" are not available.

I managed to get something working by:
1) Choose "Something Else"
2) Add a small ext4 /boot/ partition (I did 500mb, but I think that was too big - I missed this step the first time and it errored out in a horrible way)
3) Make the rest of the free space a "Encrypted physical volume" or whatever it is called at the bottom of the list - this prompts you for a passphrase.
4) This adds a new section at the top of the list of partitions with a default ext4 partition that you can make /
5) Click install and ignore the warnings about no swap space

This doesn't seem like an ideal workaround for a few reasons. One is that it took me a lot of hit-and-misses to get there. The other is that you can't do any partitioning within the encrypted physical partition (I have always had swap partition, / and /home in the past). Is there a better way, or is this simply not supported at the moment?

I'm a bit surprised - I would have thought dual-booting was as common as only having Ubuntu installed, so it seems strange that this feature doesn't work that way.

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Aaron Whitehouse (aaron-whitehouse) said :

In case it wasn't clear, my workaround does actually appear to work.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you report a bug. If you don't haveswap then you will not be able to hibernate, as the swap space is used to hold the RAM contents. Your choice.

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