Install error Quantal 12.10 for Arm Beagleboard

Asked by tushar on 2012-07-30

I am trying to install Desktop Image of Ubuntu Daily Build For ARMhf (23 july 2012 Build Quantal) on BeagleBoard Cortex A8 using a micro SD card(8 Gb).

The command I use is

sudo dd bs=4M if=Quant.image of=/dev/sde ;sync

I created a swap partition off 500 mb.
The Image is created sucessfully.When I insert the card on BeagleBoard
It says
 Your installation medium is on /dev/mmcblk0p2.You will not be able to create delete resizepartitions on disk,but you may be able to install existing partitions there.

    /dev/mmcblkop1 fat32 75mb 75 mb
    /dev/mmcblkop2 fat32 628mb 608mb
    /dev/mmcblkop3 swap 543mb 0mb
    /dev/mmcblkop1 ext4 6778mb 225mb <---- I use this as mount point for root i.e /

¨Home Directory /home/ubuntu not ours¨ occurs
Then it starts detecting file system
and a window opens ¨Failed to unmount partitions¨ i.e /cdrom could not be unmounted.When I select yes to unmount the partitions again.It hangs.In the background logs I can see ¨Home Directory /home/ubuntu not ours¨.Today on checking the site I found all the images have been updated with latest build ie 30 July .But the build for OMAP3 has not been released.
My aim is to get a kernel version above 3.4.2 on beagleboard (preferably armv7l.But since 12.04 images have been for armhf)
If anyone can help on any of the 2 issues.I will be greatful.

P.S---I also tried building kernel 3.4.2 for armv7l(on ubuntu 11.10) but it failed in the final steps ¨make modules_install install¨ with some flash generic error saying that it is not for that particular subarchitecture.

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tushar (tushdev) said : #1

I also encountered this error once.It seems the errors are not consistent too.
Installer error: Unable to create '/root/cache/dconf'; dconf will not work properly.

Did you MD5 test the file you downloaded?

tushar (tushdev) said : #3

Yes I had checked the md5sum.

tushar (tushdev) said : #4

Yes I had checked the md5sum.It was proper

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #5

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